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“A posse ad esse” is a Latin phrase that translates to “from possibility to actuality.” In legal context, this phrase is often used to describe the progression of a particular matter from being a mere possibility to becoming a reality. It is commonly used in discussions about evidence, potential outcomes of a case, or the feasibility of a legal argument.

For instance, a lawyer might use this phrase when discussing a hypothetical scenario with a client. If the client is potentially facing a lawsuit, the lawyer could say that the threat is currently “a posse ad esse” – it’s possible, but not yet a reality.

Alternatively, this phrase could be used in a court setting to describe the strength of evidence. For example, if a prosecutor has compelling evidence that could potentially prove the guilt of a defendant, they might argue that this evidence moves the case “a posse ad esse.” That is, it takes the scenario from being a mere possibility (that the defendant is guilty) to being an actuality (proven guilt).

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