Our law firm has long experience and business relating to agriculture and provide extensive solutions for legal issues arising out of this particular industry area. Our lawyers have long experience and have deep knowledge in resolving complex issues relating to agribusiness. Several of our lawyers have agricultural background and have ancestral lands in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana in India. This brings personal knowledge regarding agribusiness. Our lawyers have clients who take our services in relation to agribusiness lending, preservation of family farms and land development. Our law firm operates at a cross-section of real estate practice, taxation practice and corporate transactions. This particular industry area also includes corporate lending and intellectual property rights issues.

    We have assisted clients in the creation of agribusiness including corporations, partnerships and cooperatives. International and domestic laws in relation to agribusiness have evolved rapidly because of scientific innovations in this particular area. With the changing times, lending issues and credit facilities have involved a involve substantial amount of legalities in relation to government subsidies, drafting of loan agreements and land related documentation. We also assist our clients resolving problems in relation to labour and employment laws which are changing as human rights issues have started coming under the governments’ scanner throughout the world. Our clients also take our assistance in daily and livestock issues including modern legalities in relation to embryo transfer agreements. Agribusiness is a rapidly expanding industry area where clients seek our advice in relation to food Security act and similar domestic and foreign statutes in relation to agricultural business.

    Throughout the world, governments treat agricultural lands differently from lands reserved for real estate development. Our law firm assists clients converting agricultural lands to real estate lands for development purposes. We also assist clients in developing agricultural lands in rural areas into small parts and also assist them in planning transfer of family wealth.

    We also resolve environmental issues faced by our clients including air emissions and management of waste water discharge issues. We present such clients in environmental litigation when all other methods of getting required relief are closed.

    Our lawyers represent clients in legalities relating to energy matters, agricultural land disputes, employment issues arising in agribusiness, food safety and water and mineral rights, environmental issues in agricultural activities, and livestock warranties.

    While in some parts of the world agriculture as an industry is free from tax, in other parts this is not the case. We resolve taxation issues by representing landowners in tax tribunals in Central and state taxes and also fees which are payable to Central and state entities.

    We have assisted clients in agricultural cooperatives to buy assets and helped clients getting state subsidies which are provided to promote activities relating to agriculture. Our lawyers have experience in creation of rural cooperative societies and have represented farm corporations on legalities relating to distribution and sale of agricultural produce. In litigation area, we have represented clients in boundary disputes. We have also represented banks and credit agencies to recover loans from agribusiness entities.