Automotive industry is one of the primary indicators of the health of the economy of a nation. If the automotive industry is in the green, it reflects positively on the nation’s economic well being; and if the industry is showing signs of strain, it means something is not right with the economy of the country.

    The global nature of the modern automotive industry means that the legal requirements of manufacturers, distributors and retailers of the automotive products vary in accordance with the jurisdiction. This further implies the need for multiple legal representatives and advisers for different jurisdiction. However, with Simranjeet Law Associates at the helm, you need not worry about hiring multiple automotive legal service providers and lawyers for different jurisdictions.

    We offer cross-country legal support for the automotive industry with our vast network of specialist lawyers representing manufacturers and distributors of automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and other on- and off-road motor vehicles, as well as automotive parts and components suppliers. Our unmatched global resources match the global needs of the automotive industry. Our members, with a combination of practical experience in the automotive industry and deep knowledge of this specific area of law, offer comprehensive solutions to our clients in the automotive industry.

    Our range of legal services for the automotive industry include appellate and commercial litigation, antitrust, bankruptcy, consumer class action defense, creditors’ rights, distribution, finance, franchise, international trade, labor and employment, mergers and acquisitions, patents, trademarks, privacy, and safety and environmental issues relevant to the industry. Our automotive sector lawyers’ also guide the clients through the complex government rules and regulations relating to motor vehicles.

    Our primary objective is to pre-empt any potential legal pitfall for our clients and take preventive action beforehand. It is with this objective that we ensure that our clients are always free from the compliance and enforcement matters, recalls, and reporting; new standards development; defect investigations; and vehicle disclosure obligations.