Best Service Matters Lawyers in Chandigarh

Best Service Matters Lawyers in Chandigarh

Leading service matter Senior Advocates in Chandigarh

Experienced in both courtroom litigation and negotiations, our service matter attorneys provide aggressive legal representation of employees and workmen.

SimranLaw are highly experienced labor and employment lawyers, who work hard and smart to get you the best results. Our employment lawyers bring together years of experience getting their corporate and employee clients the right verdict or settlement.

Joined by a group of high-energy and strategic service matter advocates, our law firm provides effective and efficient one-stop legal advice for both employers and employees alike. Breadth of knowledge and experience of service matter advocates practicing in Punjab and Haryana High Court can save you time, money and emotional distress.

Our cutting-edge firm of fighters and justice seekers regularly and successfully represents clients before all levels of courts –

  1. Supreme Court of India;
  2. Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh;
  3. District Courts in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula;
  4. Central Administrative Tribunal, Chandigarh.

Our service matter advocates have the experience, the depth, and the resources to help you handle the most diverse range of employment and labour matters. We drive ourselves hard to ensure our clients come out on top.

SimranLaw is an service matter or employment law firm providing expert legal counsel to both employers and employees on all aspects of employment law.

As trusted legal advisors to both corporate and individual clients, we focus on delivering strategic resolutions to workplace issues, as well as, representation of our clients’ interests before the courts.

It is our depth of experience on both sides of the table – i.e. on employer’s and employees’s side – that enables the firm’s service matter lawyers to deliver exceptional results and proactive solutions. We assist employers in strategically responding to the wide range of human resources and regulatory issues that arise in the day to day management of their businesses in order to reduce workplace conflict and employer liability. We also regularly represent individual employees at all levels in their court cases, providing timely, strategic advice and advocacy for workplace disputes.

Our philosophy is that effective legal representation in court cases in High Court Chandigarh involves communication, team work and strategic thinking. Results matter and we work closely and collaboratively with our clients to achieve them.

Service Writs – Civil Writ Petition (CWP) and Contempt of Court Petition (COCP)

Clients are kept apprised of the status of the court proceedings throughout the pendency of court case, and is also provided with explanations and information on the legal process. Our service matter lawyers in Chandigarh first contact the employer with a detailed legal notice to redress grievances of clients, in which our service matter lawyers in Chandigarh High Court cite a number of legal precedents in support of the client’s position. Only if our legal notice does not redress the claims of client, we file sevice matter writ (Civil Writ Petition – CWP) in Punjab and Haryana High Court.

We believe that right to work is one of the most fundamental rights in a person’s life, providing the individual with a means of financial support and also has a contributory role in society. A person’s employment is an essential component of his or her sense of identity, self-worth and emotional well-being.

Department/ government lawyers like legal advisors present for court hearings on behalf of government, Assistant Advocate Generals, Deputy Advocate Generals and Additional Advocate Generals in Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh know that if we have filed your case, then you have (1) a legitimate case, (2) supported by judgments of Supreme Court of India and Punjab and Haryana High Court, (3) regardless of client’s own legal knowledge. There’s no greater compliment we’ve received than being asked by former clients to represent service cases of their family members also.