Caste System and Inter Caste Marriages in Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana

Caste System and Inter Caste Marriages in Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana

The caste system is a dysfunctional system eating away at the roots of our secular nation. Its divisive venom of hatered is breaking down our society and nation at a time when we stand united to face the challenges before our nation. Holding back this divisive force is the might, muscle and power of love between a boy and a girl belonging to different castes. Certainly the bond of love made permanent by inter caste marriage holds potential to destroy the caste system. Hence inter caste marriage is in national interest making it obligatory to all intellectuals, institutions, courts and society to protect and promote such marriages. Disturbingly news reports from several parts of the country inform us that young men and women who undergo inter-caste marriage, are threatened with violence and unfortunately in some cases fall victim to it. In our opinion, such acts of violence or threats or harassment are wholly illegal and those who commit them must be severely punished.

This is a free and democratic country, and once a person becomes a major he or she can marry whosoever he/she likes. If the parents of the boy or girl do not approve of such inter-caste or interreligious marriage the maximum they can do is that they can cut off social relations with the son or the daughter, but they cannot give threats or commit or instigate acts of violence and cannot harass the person who undergoes such inter-caste or inter-religious marriage. Courts, therefore, should direct that the administration/police authorities throughout the country will see to it that if any boy or girl who is a major undergoes inter-caste or inter-religion marriage with a woman or man who is a major, the couple are not harassed by any one nor subjected to threats or acts of violence, and any one who gives such threats or harasses or commits acts of violence either himself or at his instigation, is taken to task by instituting criminal proceedings by the police against such persons and further stern action is taken against such persons as provided by law.

We sometimes hear of ‘honour’ killings of such persons who undergo inter- caste or inter-religious marriage of their own free will. There is nothing honourable in such killings, and in fact they are nothing but barbaric and shameful acts of murder committed by brutal, feudal minded persons who deserve harsh punishment. Only in this way can we stamp out such acts of barbarism.

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