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Sample of Mutual Consent Divorce Petition

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IN THE COURT OF HON’BLE DISTRICT JUDGE, CHANDIGARH HMA Petition No. ________________ of 2017 Husband S/o Sh. Name of Husband’s Father aged about (age of Husband) years R/O Address of Husband …Petitioner No. 1 AND Wife D/o Sh. Father of Wife W/o Sh. Husband aged about (age of Wife) years R/O Address of Wife …Petitioner [...]

Married in India and getting divorced in Canada (or Australia, USA)?

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Getting a divorce is stressful. Especially so if a person is married in India and then seeks divorce in Canada. In Western countries, divorce proceedings are not as complex as in India. Generally, it is enough to show a separation of more than one year to get divorce. Further, the lawyers also advise clients who [...]

Some Aspects of Juvenile Justice Act – Chandigarh Lawyers

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Juvenile Justice Care and Protection Act is social welfare legislation. Such statutes enacted by Parliament are also known as remedial statutes. Its preamble clearly shows that it is "an Act to consolidate and amend law relating to denials in conflict with law and children in need of Care and Protection by providing for proper care, [...]

Maintenance under section 24 of Hindu Marriage Act

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Maintenance cannot be termed as charity. Maintenance is a sum of money which is paid by the husband to his wife. Under Hindu law, it is the spiritual duty of the husband to maintain his wife. And this duty continues from the date of marriage till the dissolution of marriage through a decree [...]

Prevention – How to protect yourself against false 498A FIR

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Background Suppose, there is a matrimonial dispute between husband and wife and consequent irretrievable breakdown of marriage without initiation of any divorce or other proceedings under family law. The wife decides to take the path of vengeance and teach her husband a lesson instead of following the legal recourse available to her. She drafts a [...]

How top divorce lawyers in Chandigarh High Court assist clients

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Are you looking for a divorce lawyer in Chandigarh. We advice you to save your time. Not only time you must save your money. A good divorce lawyer in Chandigarh will reduce your stress levels. Getting help of a divorce lawyers in Chandigarh is very simple. You can contact of the best divorce lawyers [...]