Need a Consumer Court/ Forum lawyer in Chandigarh?

    With stiff competition in the consumer goods and services market comes the desire to outperform the competitors through aggressive strategy. However, it is only by understanding the importance of brands and market profile of competitors can one achieve success in this sector. At the same time, it is important to satisfy the consumers in terms of quality in the products and services.

    One of the reasons for growing interest in consumer laws is the power that the governments have bestowed on the consumers. No manufacturer or retailer can take it easy when it comes to ensuring quality in their goods and services. This is because of the power yielded by the consumers through enforcement actions in consumer forums and commissions at the district, state and national level. Moreover, with the rise in education levels, the profile of consumers is getting increasingly sophisticated resulting in enhanced power in the hands of consumers.

    Awareness about their rights is at an all time high among the consumers. With consumer goods and services’ economy getting global and market access for multinational brands becoming a lot easier, it requires knowledge of international consumer laws in order to fully cater to the needs of the businesses.

    With its highly experienced and knowledgeable consumer lawyers at the helm of the affairs, Simranjeet Law Associates is ideally placed to deliver positive results in cases where consumer laws need to be enforced. Our expert team of consumer lawyers come from diverse educational backgrounds, giving them the edge over their rivals in terms of delivering focused and specialized legal services in this niche field of practice.

    We offer comprehensive consumer law services, including consultation, advisory, representative, and litigation service. Importantly, we focus on assisting the businesses in drafting contracts with end users in order to minimize the exposure to consumer laws. We also work in tandem with the businesses to create product offers and promotional offers in order to comply with the consumer laws. A major portion of our consumer law practice is devoted on guiding clients about future product liability issues, when to recall product and in what way, and dealing with government enforcement agencies, providing legal guidance during the development of consumer products and services and assisting their protection and government regulation.

    Litigation experience of Simranjeet Law Associates in Consumer Forum includes:-
    1. Successfully handling litigation against Real Estate Builders and Developers in and around Chandigarh
    2. Represented prestigious corporate groups in VAT related litigation in Chandigarh and Punjab.
    3. Medical Negligence Cases against Hospitals in Chandigarh
    4. Unfair trade practices by Automobile Dealers

    Most important sections which are used in every case and on which a lawyer must have complete grasp are :-
    Section 11. Jurisdiction of the District Forum
    Section 14. Finding of the District Forum
    Section 15. Appeal

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