Energy and Natural Resources Group

    Energy and natural resources sector is very well regulated by the governmental rules, regulations, laws and byelaws. There are so many inter-disciplinary aspects relating to the management of energy sector that one finds it impossible to deal with day-to-day affairs without a proper team in place to look after each specialised area. For instance, a typical energy and natural resource industry will need to be in compliance with Factories Act, Industrial Disputes Act, Minimum Wages Act, plethora of labour laws, besides a number of governmental enactments and rules that are updated on a regular basis.

    Simranjeet Law Associates maintains a dedicated team of energy and natural resources’ lawyers who are not just well-versed with the legal affairs governing this sector, but also maintains close relations with the industry experts and government insiders in order to provide a holistic view and informed advisory services to this sector. We offer a full range of consultancy service to energy and natural resources sector, which include regular working on market-defining mega projects, multi-jurisdictional transactions, complex regulatory mandates and high-value contentious matters.

    What defines our energy sector related legal services is not just the experts working relentlessly to ensure client’s interests, but also the focus on preventive litigation, i.e., pre-emptive legal action taken now to prevent bigger hassle in future. Our focus is to advise our clients with respect to the compliance matters involve in this industry. However, we are equally well-prepared to represent our clients before any judicial forum and protect their rights and interests. Our primary areas of practice in the energy sector include development, acquisition, management and financing of assets and resources and related commercial arrangements, trading, regulation and dispute resolution.

    Our long list of energy and natural resources clients include private and public sector undertakings, financial institutions, investment funds, governments and their agencies.