Fashion and Luxury Brands

    Leading international fashion and luxury brands need an investor-friendly environment where laws are certain, liberal and easy to implement in-house. This puts an onus on the state governments and the legal fraternity to create a legal regime that welcomes the top global brands to invest in the country with open arms.

    Simranjeet Law Associates is suitably placed in a lucrative market, like India, which has the world’s largest middle-class sector that tends to spend a lot on fashion and luxury goods. Our dedicated fashion and luxury brands’ team advises many of the world’s most renowned designers and brand owners in the world. What gives us an advantage over our peers is the in-depth legal, commercial and industry knowledge, which empowers us with the insight into the nature of both the opportunities and threats facing our clients in this sector.

    Our fashion and luxury brands lawyers understand the working of the industry, their concerns, their interests, and how best to empower them to optimize their potential and achieve their commercial goals. We serve all kinds of global brands, whether they are start-ups trying to make their way in a competitive market or an established brand that is facing different challenges as they continue to explore newer markets and expand their footprints in the global market.

    We have collaborations and associations in most major world markets, which enable us to provide support to the fashion and luxury brands around the world. Our team of fashion and luxury brands’ lawyers are passionate about the brands, and they understand that if shown the right direction and support, any brand that has something unique to offer can succeed and thrive. We aim to lend a solid legal backup to the fashion and luxury brands so that they can produce and market their niche products without worrying about the legal technicalities involved.