Food Beverages and Agriculture

    Food, beverages and agriculture sectors often have to comply with greater and stricter compliance measures from the government regulatory authorities. This is due to the fact that these industries deal with FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), the nature of which requires rigid compliances. The rise of global consumer markets adds to the already challenging environment for the food, beverages and agriculture industries. Besides, this sector is plagued by multifarious problems, like supply-chain complexity; retail consolidation; health, safety, and environmental concerns.

    The lawyers at Simranjeet Law Associates have an expertise over the peculiarities and technicalities involved in the compliance laws and procedures governing food and agriculture sector. The ever-evolving legal landscape of this sector requires a special dedicated team of professionals to look after the concerns of the industry. We have a team that has extensive experience in leading brands dealing with food, beverages and agricultural goods, and which supports your business strategies with strong ability to evaluate legal risks.

    Our food lawyers have worked with regulatory authorities across the markets, giving them an insight into the workings and formalities involved in complying with the complicated procedures involved in the compliance regime. Some of our food and agriculture lawyers themselves belong to agriculture family, which gives them the first hand knowledge of the challenges faced by the agriculturists and food companies. This also gives them an understanding of the entire food and beverage cycle, from the farm stage through production, packaging, distribution, marketing, and retailing.

    What makes us stand apart from other law firms is our focus on amicable resolution of matters with approach to courts as a last resort only. Our focus is to identify and stay updated on the trends and cutting-edge proposals that may have an impact on your operations, like food safety, package labelling, recycling, processing, and farm subsidies. Our professional assistance and guidance will help you in expanding your product offerings and expand into new markets.