Franchise & Franchising

    Globally, franchising has become one of the most important aspects of economic growth. This is especially true for Chandigarh as the economic growth is becoming more and more dependent on service industry.

    Simranjeet Law Associates is one of the most expert franchise law firm in Chandigarh who are able to assist clients in the growing and ever-changing franchise law. Our passionate team of lawyers in Chandigarh is recognized as expert legal service providers within and outside Chandigarh. Our law firm in Chandigarh provides extensive practical litigation and non-litigation experience in all dimensions of franchising from small-scale start-ups to large scale multinational companies.

    Our international clients range from a broad spectrum of businesses. We provide them legal advice for initial setup of franchise systems both nationally and internationally, negotiating and drafting franchise agreements which may be single unit franchise agreement or multi-unit franchise agreements, compliance related issues like franchise disclosure, sale and purchase of franchise units or franchise systems, Master franchising and area development issues, joint-venture and franchise issues, customized legal advice to franchise associations, legal advice in relation to expansion strategies both in national and international spheres, policy and documentation matters and advice to avoid accidental franchise. Our expert team of lawyers also resolves dispute and represent clients in litigation, review franchise agreements, joint-venture and operating arrangements, class action cases and deal with termination of franchise agreements.

    Since our law firm in Chandigarh also deals with other corporate issues like private equity and public financing, securities law, intellectual property rights and trademark issues, information technology and privacy law issues, anti-trust and competition law issues, corporate taxation strategies, employment law and independent contractor agreements, bankruptcy and insolvency and construction law, we are better equipped to assist international clients make profits in Chandigarh.

    Whether a franchise is domestic or international, whether it is expanding locally or internationally, clients rely on our professional experience, advice and solutions oriented approach. Our law firm in Chandigarh applies our deep understanding of the complex legalities related to franchise business to legally assist businesses of all sizes.