How top divorce lawyers in Chandigarh High Court assist clients

How top divorce lawyers in Chandigarh High Court assist clients

Are you looking for a divorce lawyer in Chandigarh. We advice you to save your time. Not only time you must save your money. A good divorce lawyer in Chandigarh will reduce your stress levels. Getting help of a divorce lawyers in Chandigarh is very simple. You can contact of the best divorce lawyers in India.

Chandigarh divorce lawyers – Related cases

Chandigarh divorce lawyers are here to assist you in being successful in your litigation related to divorce, child adoption, section 498A, and other dowry laws.

Are you searching for a divorce lawyer who can assist you compassionately with dedication and passionate advocacy? Contact SimranLaw if you want our help in your family law matter. You might need a divorce lawyer for a contested divorce in Chandigarh or areas around Chandigarh. You may have uncontested divorce which is also known as divorce with mutual consent or mutual consent divorce. Our lawyers can also assist you in any other family law matter. We provide excellent legal services to the non-resident Indian clients residing outside India in Canada, Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Our clients regard as as the best divorce law firm in Chandigarh. Our law firm in Chandigarh has the best divorce lawyers for divorce cases and other matrimonial disputes in India and outside India. We have long experience in divorce related cases under Indian statutory and judge-made law. Our lawyers commit to your case with dedication and passionate advocacy to bring out the best results.

Divorce laws in India are different from those in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, and United Kingdom. In India divorce laws are based on religions. For example Hindu marriage act.

Divorce lawyers in Chandigarh for Non Resident Indians

Our divorce lawyers in Chandigarh provide guidance to the clients who are non-resident Indians/ NRIs or domestic clients with regard to divorce proceedings in Chandigarh. We also deal with matters which include child custody cases and adoption cases. Of lawyers also give advice related to dowry matters, sections 498A, domestic violence act, dowry corruption act. The lawyers also give expert legal advice when it comes to division of property after divorce, succession issues.

Lawyers for maintenance cases

When it comes to maintenance of wife and children, such issues may be raised under variety of laws. Our divorce lawyers in Chandigarh are experts in maintenance claims under section 125 of the criminal procedure code. We also deal with similar maintenance claims under section 44 of the Hindu marriage act. Our lawyers are also expert in permanent alimony cases under section 45 of the Hindu marriage act. We also deal with sexual harassment cases and guardianship issues. Although alimony is a legal right of wife and children, but to granted or not to grant it is a discretionary power of the court and is dependent on various circumstances.

Our lawyers in Chandigarh also assist clients in registration of marriage and adoption of children. We can assist clients in converting their religion for the purpose of marriage. This is so because under certain religions, marriage outside religion is void and invalid. We also assist clients in marrying as per guidelines laid down under Muslim law. Our lawyers provide expert guidance in guardianship, inheritance and succession issues in Chandigarh. These issues may relate to persons living in Australia, Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom or New Zealand.

Mutual divorce and contested divorce

Our divorce lawyers also deal with divorce petitions which are filed by both or either parties. This means we deal with contested and uncontested divorce cases in Chandigarh. Uncontested divorce cases are also known as mutual consent divorce cases. Or it may also be called divorce by mutual consent. Contested divorce cases are those cases in which the parties seek relief from the court on the merits after proper arguments by respective lawyers against each other.

Apart from divorce cases of lawyers also guide clients in cases like this edition of conjugal rights and judicial separation. Our law firm in Chandigarh also provides guidance to seek interim maintenance or compensation. We also assist clients in seeking permanent alimony from the other party when either of the parties is it a citizen of any other country except India or is residing outside India.

Our lawyers are compassionate and listen to you. We give time to your case. Unlike other lawyers who do not become non-communicative after taking fees. So much so that clients often tell us that we are the first lawyers they have met who informed them as to the status of their cases.

Procedure to get divorce

In India, according to a divorce laws, there is a long procedure which has to be followed. There is a lot of time which goes in processing. And the minimum time it takes for divorce is six months. In certain cases where the divorce is a contested one, it may take more than 2 to 3 years to get a decree of divorce. This is so because Indian divorce laws are very complex. Courts still do not consider divorce as advantageous to society or the parties in general. Divorce is seen as something against the social fabric. Moreover divorce is dependent on personal laws also. For example Hindu person is governed by Hindu marriage act, 1955. While a Parsi is governed under Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act. Similarly Muslims are covered by Muslim laws. Other people may decide for themselves that they may be governed by special marriage act. And then there is an act for those who are not citizens of India. This is called the foreign marriage act.

Qualities of the best divorce lawyers in Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh

In a divorce case, the most important factor is to have the best divorce attorney to represent you. This is because a divorce case takes a long time to end. Therefore before selecting a divorce lawyer you must see that that lawyer gives you time, here’s you and compassionate. You must be confident that the person can handle your divorce case honestly. A divorce lawyer in Chandigarh must be passionate about your case. You must know what are the pros and cons of your case.

Divorce lawyers for alimony matters

If you want a lawyer for alimony, a lawyer will tell you that alimony is a payment which wife gets when the couple takes a divorce. It is given by a court order. In other words alimony is a settlement agreement between the parties. It may include monetary support or support through a movable or immovable property. A spouse has legal right under Indian law to claim alimony before getting divorced. However this is not an absolute right. This site depends on variety of factors. For example financial condition of either of the spouse, circumstances of the other spouse et cetera.