Success Stories: SimranLaw’s Victories in Fashion and Luxury Brands Legal Challenges

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Case Summary: Success Stories – SimranLaw’s Victories in Fashion and Luxury Brands Legal Challenges


A leading international fashion and luxury brand faced significant legal hurdles in protecting their intellectual property rights due to the extensive counterfeiting of their products in the Indian market. They approached SimranLaw with their concern for the need for strong legal action to combat this growing issue.

Legal Strategy

We at SimranLaw, began our strategic approach understanding the nuances of the Indian legal framework and customs regulations. Our deep understanding of these laws, along with our expertise in intellectual property law, allowed us to craft an effective legal strategy. We highlighted the provisions under the Trademarks Act, Copyright Act and Customs Act, which specifically target counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights.

Litigation Process

We represented our client in the courts, presenting a strong case of counterfeiting. We produced compelling evidence such as market surveys, counterfeit samples, and comparisons between original and fake products. The courts were shown how these counterfeit products not only infringed on our client’s rights but also deceived consumers and tarnished the brand’s reputation.

Successful Outcome

The Indian Courts recognized the gravity of the situation and ruled in favour of our client. They issued prohibitory orders against the counterfeiters, stopping them from manufacturing, selling or advertising any products infringing on our client’s trademarks or copyrights. Additionally, the Courts directed Indian Customs to seize any imported goods bearing the trademark of our client.

Aftermath & Impact

This victory helped our client regain control over their intellectual property rights in India and effectively curb the counterfeiting operations. The order received widespread media attention, creating a deterrent effect on potential infringers.


This case serves as a testament to SimranLaw’s expertise in handling complex legal issues related to intellectual property rights, particularly in the niche area of fashion and luxury brands. We continue to leverage our profound understanding of Indian laws and global regulations to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

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