Successful Resolutions by SimranLaw in Employee Benefits and Share Schemes Legal Disputes

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Case Summary: Employee Benefits and Share Schemes Disputes

SimranLaw, renowned for their vast legal expertise in India, has successfully represented a high-profile client in a complex dispute concerning employee benefits and share schemes. Below is a summary of how the case was diligently resolved.

Case Background

  • Client was facing allegations of not offering legally mandated benefits to employees.
  • A group of employees had also alleged that the company did not honor a share scheme agreement.

Identified Issues

  1. Breach of employment contracts regarding employee benefits.
  2. Violation of share scheme agreements.
  3. Non-compliance with India’s employment laws.

SimranLaw’s Strategic Approach

  • An exhaustive review of all employment contracts and share schemes:

    • Conducted audits on all existing employment contracts.
    • Analyzed all past and present share schemes.
  • Thorough appraisal of the Indian laws surrounding employee benefits and share schemes:

    • Used detailed knowledge of the Indian legal system to identify any breaches of local labor and tax laws.
  • Advised the client on how to rectify breaches and improve compliance:

    • Proposed a new strategy to honor the share scheme agreement without violating any laws or policies.
    • Suggested improvements to ensure that all future employee benefit promises are legally compliant.
  • Represented client in all legal proceedings.


  1. Reached an out-of-court settlement with the group of employees, sparing the client a long and costly trial.
  2. The client implemented the advised strategies and measures, ensuring legal compliance moving forward.

With a targeted strategy, deep understanding of India’s employment and tax laws, and diligent representation, SimranLaw was able to secure a favorable outcome for the client in this complex dispute.

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