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SimranLaw is a client-centric law firm with high levels of professional standards and ethics. Having lawyers who are experts in specific areas of practice, we have successfully represented clients in a wide range of issues. We have expertise in resolving cross-jurisdictional and trans-national issues. We bring success where others can’t. The highlight of our experienced law firm is their attention to details, which separates them from the rest of their ilk. Unlike the traditional local law firms, our law firm believes in delivering perfection through precision. It is this kind of work ethic that resonates through our dealing with, and handling of the most complex matters of, our domestic and international clients.


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Getting the desired result for your case means to have onboard a team of best talent in the city. It requires a law firm in Chandigarh to have thorough professionals with proven results and an in-depth knowledge to construct strong arguments in your favor. It requires a team that not only argues in the court on your behalf but also provide you with the right guidance; a team that has the best interest of you and your family as the core of each decision and every move. SimranLaw is a law firm based in Chandigarh, having experience in serving the society with its extreme professionalism and high-end services.

A full-service law firm, the specialization of our law firm in Chandigarh lies in litigation. Armored with a team of experts, our law firm is one of the leading law firms of India, dealing in the legal cases in Courts, Tribunals and Forums. SimranLaw is a law firm conceived with an aim of imparting the clients best, be it the legal advice or the services. A firm with a soul, we aim to work in close relation with the client and educate them. Helmed by experienced litigators, we strive to deliver its clientele the desired results. Our law firm in Chandigarh is known to combine creative solutions, with a pragmatic and sensitive approach. The base of every practice our law firm pursues is the objective to mitigate the risks and avoid the perils of law. We believe in your cause and thus make you as the center of our every move.

Our law firm in Chandigarh can assist you on how to avoid conflict rather than struggling after it has initiated. To achieve this end, we work with you to ensure that a framework is created to reflect the best value systems so that it may be used to protect your interests and assets and also to ensure that the most important people in your lives are not adversely affected by any sort of legality. Our law firm in Chandigarh is unique and we carefully consider all aspects of your situation. We consider all the details before preparing your case so that the best results are achieved. We never guarantee any particular result because that will be ethically incorrect. Our law firm is aware of unique issues that arise in India because of particular set of laws that exists here. We understand the potential opportunities which are available to you. We consider it is a privilege to work and we look forward to be your chosen law firm. Our law firm is founded on the belief that your legal issues and legal requirements can be resolved only through attention to details, careful listening, immaculate drafting with all the relevant facts and circumstances of your particular case. This understanding comes only with experience that each case is unique and must be drafted and prepared in its own unique way. We have a reputation of using our entire experience and all of the resources to achieve the desired legal results for you. We treat your problems as our own and work with you to search all the possible solutions to get the best final outcome. We inform you about costs and expenses of the case before a case is filed so that there is no confusion at any later stage. We ensure that you remain updated on what our law firm has already done as the case progresses. Our law firm knows that we can add value not merely through what we know but with the practical knowledge along with knowledge of the laws.

With a team of highly experienced professionals, our law firm represents the cases of Indian Nationals, NRI’s and PIO’s in the Punjab and Haryana High Court and the Supreme Court of India. Our team has earned us a reputation of getting our clients success, where others failed, because of the attention, we pay to the details and research. Handling the legal matters of Domestic and International clients, our law firm work on the motto of ‘Precision and Perfection’. The values and ethics define who we are, and are at the heart of every communication we make, be it among the team or with the customer. Our values drive our law firm to demonstrate excellence in everything we do and treat everyone with a sense of equality and professionalism.

  • A client-centric approach – The benefits of the client is at the center of every decision we make. It is them, for whom our law firm strive day in and day out.
  • Excellence in legal practice – Law is an ever-evolving genre of studies. It is one of the major pillars of the society and as a leading law firm, we thrive to keep up-to-date with the latest, in pursuit of knowledge and excellence.
  • Collaborative – Our law firm works in collaboration with our clients, stakeholders in the case, and a team of experienced professionals to ensure that we deliver the effective legal solutions.
  • Realistic – Our law firm gives the paramount importance to individual needs, with a practical and realistic approach. Our main focus has always been to provide cutting-edge solutions to our esteemed clients.
  • Commitment – Our law firm commits to your cause the very moment you have us onboard as your legal representative. We are committed to provide you with the best legal cover.

At SimranLaw, we understand that every case is unique. Our experienced team, thus, work in close association with the client, to gather every detail that can alter the case in any manner. A thorough research of the subject is conducted to compile a complete case history, to aid us in the further course of action. The compiled set of information is then used to assist our law firm in strategizing a route to argument the case in the court of law. As a trusted partner, our advocates in Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh keep the best interest of the clients at heart, and endeavors to provide our clients with a solution that is best suitable to them, be it a litigation, or out-of-court settlement. Not only do we provide legal expertise in case of disputes, but also offer consultation on legal matters of various nature. We believe that as your law firm, it is our duty to guide you through the course of a legal matter with a solution that causes the least of trouble while garnering the best of the solution.

Legal matters are not easy on individuals and families, and at our law firm, we discern the apathy it wreaks. Thus, apart from gaining you a suitable advantage in the legal matter, the prime focus of our law firm has been to discover a panacea that leaves the least of scars. And for this purpose, our law firm has client-education as an integral part of its work culture. We do not seek to impress the clients with our legal jargon, that can create bewilderment and confusion, rather we seek to make them understand the legal jargon in a manner that they can comprehend the severity of their case. It not only helps the client understand their case better but also enable us to collect precise information.

Our law firm is committed to being a trusted partner, and it is manifested in the way we deal with our clients, our team, and society. The key strength of our law firm lies in the people who work with us. Our Chandigarh law firm boasts of few of the best-recognized names in the field of the law of the country. A team that has a rich experience in handling and resolving difficult cases over a long duration give us the right to call our law firm, one of the best law firm operating in the country today. Our law firm derives its work culture from the experiences it has gained. This vast amount of experience and expertise across the full range of civil, criminal and regulatory issues puts us in an advantageous position to advise clients in crises and multi-faceted legal troubles. Whether you are an individual, a company, an NRI property owner, a widow, or anyone in need of legal advice, our experienced team will help you navigate through the tricky legal landscape unscathed. We stand out from the rest for our exemplary ability to deal with the legal matters pertaining to the NRI’s and PIO’s. We combine this ability with the highest level of Client support to provide you with a highly professional yet friendly advise to settle your disputes.

At our law firm, we understand that it is more than just a legal dispute for you, it’s a challenge that you wish to overcome at the earliest, and you need specific answers that can satisfy your queries and worries. Our law firm believes in delivering the first class service to its esteemed clients and it forms one of the fundamental tenets of the firm. Our team of experts approach every case as unique and offer personalized services that are best suitable for your case. Our focus is to offer a high-quality legal advice reached after considerable research, logical interpretation and consultation. Our law firm has successfully represented a diverse clientele. Our law firm understands that the reason behind consulting a law firm is daunting and stressful. Though we can’t change the matter-in-fact, we strive to brighten your prospects by employing a team of experienced professionals to help you through the entire process.

Instead of charting out long drawn strategies and book load of legal jargon, we try to provide consultation in a manner that is precise and clear. Our advocates in Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh will listen to your problem in detail, answer your queries patiently and will come up with the most reasonable and practical legal solution for you. We believe in creating an environment where you will feel at ease in knowing that you have been provided with the best legal protection available to you and that you have the right choice. And our this client-centric and friendly approach towards them make our law firm a trusted partner of thousands of people sitting across the different parts of the globe.