• Let Justice be done

    Though the world may perish.


Simranjeet Law Associates is a value-based and client-centric law firm in Chandigarh offering legal services covering all the major practice areas. With a special focus on NRI legal services, we have a dedicated team of lawyers in Chandigarh to render cogent legal consultation and professional representative services to our clients. Our talented advocates in Chandigarh are known for their rectitude and high levels of professionalism in their practice.

Why Choose Simranjeet Law Associates?

Ex Government Lawyers – Our key partners (Simranjeet Singh and Iqbal Singh) have been in the past Additional Advocate General and know how to resolve legal issues in shortest way possible.

Experience since 1951 – Having lawyers with enriching experience of  practicing law in the Punjab and Haryana High Court in Chandigarh and the Supreme Court of India, we have successfully represented diverse clientele ranging from individuals, start-ups, corporations, partnership firms, real estate firms, and other businesses. Our core practice areas include:

  • Matrimonial disputes, Divorce matters, Family disputes
  • Illegal possession of NRI property in India
  • Corporate law, Intellectual Property law
  • Civil matters, Rent disputes, Real Estate disputes, Contract law, Service matters
  • Criminal matters, white collar crimes, criminal appeals
  • Human Rights
  • Public Interest Litigation (PIL)
  • Contempt of Court issues

Morals and Ethics – We are an ethical, professional and value-based law firm, which derives its strength from the rectitude of its efficient team of lawyers. As part of our ethical law practice, we value:

  • Client Comes First Approach of our amicable lawyers in Chandigarh
  • Excellence in Legal Practice
  • Consentaneous and Congenial Approach of our expert lawyers
  • Commitment to Upholding Client’s Interests
  • Payback to Society in the form of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and community service in India

Close Working with the Client – Every client brings unique legal issues on the table, the comprehension of which is pivotal in suggesting the next best course of action. We gather all the relevant information from the client by closely coordinating with all the stakeholders. This information is blended with the vast reservoir of legal knowledge possessed by our experienced panel of lawyers to deliver just the right kind of legal services required of us. We coordinate with the clients with the objective of mitigating risks and avoiding perils of law. We guide the clients by discuss complex legal issues through investing time in their cases and by suggesting ways to settle disputes out of court. Our first and foremost priority has always been to treat the court case as an option of the last resort, i.e., we advice our clients to approach the courts only when such non-litigation settlement mechanisms fail.

Practicable Legal Solutions to Complex Issues – We understand that most law firms in India indulge in using legalese and complex phrases and legal jargon in their interactions with the clients to impress them. However, such practice can leave the client clueless and bewildered and often, frustrated with the lack of knowledge they gained out of such interaction with the law firm. But this is not the case with Simranjeet Law Associates, where we practice offering workable legal solutions without using any high-sounding words and phrases. Simplicity is our guiding force.

Focus on Building Relationships – Unlike many law firms in Chandigarh, we believe in building strong relationship with our clients. To this end, we practice client-education as our integral work ethic. Although we don’t want you to get into any legal trouble, yet you must know that we are there to cover your back should you need to consult or engage a legal professional in Chandigarh.

Result Oriented Approach – We focus on offering long term solutions to your legal problems. Our best lawyers in Chandigarh abhor proposing short-cut route to a serious legal issue. Such quick fix ideas may work in the short term, but our experienced lawyers practicing in the Punjab and Haryana High Court lucidly understand that quick fixes are not the best legal solutions to already complicated situations that have arisen out of serious legal concerns.

Affordable Legal Solutions – Simranjeet Law Associates may not be the cheapest, but offer the best value-for-money legal solutions that will serve you and your business for a long time. Our client-centric approach percolates down to the budgetary constraints that some of our clients may be experiencing. Our friendly lawyers in Chandigarh are always open to give affordable legal consultancy and representative services within your budget.