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In India’s current economic climate, it is of utmost importance for businesses to sort out disputes in ways that are both cost-effective and commercially profitable at the same time. It’s often the case that traditional legal ways of settling conflicts through courts of law may not be the most appropriate method of sorting out commercial differences between the parties.

We are leaders of the constantly evolving legal-field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Many methods of ADR like mediation and conciliation are important tools to further our clients’ commercial interests. While ADR is not always appropriate or even possible, our past experience informs us that clients often benefit from less public, more relaxed, and potentially less bitter forms of dispute resolution.

Simranjeet Law Associates’ Alternative Dispute Resolution team of advocates in Chandigarh/ India has proved highly successful in sorting out commercial differences using modern legal methods such as mediation, expert determination of issues and adjudication. Our lawyers in Chandigarh have employed ADR techniques to sort out without taking the case to court contractual and tortuous disputes involving huge claims using the techniques of Alternative Dispute Resolution independently or combining those techniques with traditional forms of litigation in Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh.

We suggest our Indian and international clients that the most crucial time to think about ADR is before a dispute arises. Lawyers in our law firm work closely with our corporate clients during contract negotiations to make it certain that any ADR clause is appropriate to the client’s needs. We are conversant with the vast array of interpretation and construction devices that can be employed in the drafting of an arbitration clause. And more importantly, we are aware of the pitfalls that each such interpretative device can involve.

However, Alternative Dispute Resolution is not limited to commercial transactions only. Its relevance is increasing everyday marital disputes, divorce cases, police complaints by wives against husbands and even property disputes between family members. This is done in mediation center in sector 43 and also in High Court, Chandigarh. We also use arbitration and mediation to resolve disputes involving: tort claims, insurance claims, complex financial issues, construction disputes, real estate and property disputes, contracts and commercial agreements, employment and labor matters, intellectual property issues.

Experience in ADR is an important supplement to commercial litigation practice of our Law Firm. Our experience shows us that for clients ADR may be the best and most cost-effective approach to settling a dispute, and we have extensive experience representing individual, institutional and corporate clients in mediation and arbitration. Our clients also profit from our reputation for integrity and the thorough preparation that our law firm brings to the bargaining table.

Many of our lawyers in Chandigarh act as mediators and adjudicators. We help clients in Chandigarh select the right ADR method and provide advice on tactics and timing.