• Anti-Trust or Competition Law

Anti-Trust or Competition

Throughout the world, anti-trust or competition litigation is on steady rise. More and more companies are bringing petitions for damages allegedly suffered as a result of corporate anti-competitive behavior. In developing countries, this trend is still in inception and present laws are in flux. With the passage of time, corporate entities themselves will want legislative changes which in turn will encourage more antitrust damages claim. Future competition legislation might have a massive impact and it is obvious that it will further encourage claims in an already rapidly growing number of competition matters.

Anti-Trust or Competition claims are frequently multi-jurisdictional in nature. Competition law also relates to corporate and other procedural law, and complex litigation strategy. It has special focus on damages-claims in tribunals, commissions and courts. It includes:

  • Filing claim petitions for damages – such petitions are increasingly frequent subsequent to the adoption of cartel infringement decisions;
  • Petitions for injunctions and interim relief, for example in mergers or abuse of dominance by corporate houses and unreasonable refusal to supply;
  • Claims raising competition law violations as a defense, for example as a reaction to a complex commercial dispute;
  • Class petitions, defending companies and individuals in a private competition litigation;
  • Coordinating competition law damages claims across multiple jurisdictions.

Businesses may initiate anti-trust action when competitors abuse dominant position and help in mergers and agreements among legal entities. Broad range of anti-trust/competition law matters, includes:

  • Pre-Merger notification and Merger Control issues
  • Anti-trust audits and compliance programs/ cartel investigations
  • Monopolization/ dominance disputes
  • Commercial agreements including complex IPR licensing issues
  • Litigation