Anti-trust Competition and Economic Regulation

Globally, businesses need to be vigilant about the applicable anti-trust and competition laws that are specifically enacted to protect consumers from predatory business practices. This is achieved by incorporating stringent provisions in the anti-trust and competition laws that ensure the prevalence of fair competition in an open-market economy. Although the objectives of these laws is consumer-centric, yet some businesses might find it difficult to comply with the provisions contained therein simply due to lack of understanding of the technical terms used in such legislation.

Simranjeet Law Associates’s anti-trust and competition lawyers have strong expertise over various regulatory mechanisms governing competition and anti-trust issues prevalent in the Indian as well as global market. We specialize in rendering sound legal advisory services to cross-jurisdictional issues concerning applicable anti-trust regime affecting businesses.

Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, you need to be on the right side of the anti-trust laws. Similarly, if you are looking for an international collaboration or a joint-venture, there are certain restrictions and regulations pertaining to the international competition laws. The entire framework of antitrust and competition laws in jurisdictions around the world is, in itself, very challenging and at time, daunting. Our antitrust lawyers ensure that your business doesn’t get affected even if you are caught on the wrong side of competition laws.

Our competition lawyers have rich experience in managing multinational mergers and joint ventures, cartel cases, abuse of dominance and restrictive practices cases. We also assist the governmental agencies in competition and antitrust investigations that require expert and in-depth knowledge about different aspects concerning multiple legislation that form the entire framework of competition and anti-trust laws. We also represent clients in litigation and advise them on various public law and policy issues and legislation, as well as State aid and public procurement matters.

Our focus is to anticipate and help our clients avoid antitrust and competition problems in their businesses. Our comprehensive antitrust and competition law services also include advisory, compliance audits, and interactive compliance. We serve all sectors of economy, including energy, defense, financial services, insurance, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, media and entertainment, technology, and transportation.

anti-trust litigation may include civil and criminal matters. We have assisted corporate, institutional and individual clients in mergers and acquisitions, domestic and international joint ventures, price related legalities including predatory pricing and price-fixing, unlawful attempt to monopolize the market, agreements in restraint of trade, termination of franchisees of domestic and international clients, group boycott and anti-trust issues relating to intellectual property rights.

We have assisted clients in prevention of future anti-trust issues in foreign markets and help them attain visibility and growth by resolving and preventing any compliance issues. Our clients hire us to resolve compliance issues in relation to trade associations, mergers and acquisitions, dealer relationships and IPR issues.

Our clients also retain us for trade regulation related litigation and counseling in relation to franchise issues, nondisclosure and non compete legalities, advertising and product claims, product labeling, and trade specific rules and regulations for industries relating to energy, manufacturing, securities, health and luxury.