Business Restructuring and Insolvency

Due to global recession, companies throughout the world have lost asset values and have incurred debt burdens. Because of reduced liquidity throughout the world the challenges faced by borrowers, lenders and government bodies have increased drastically. The dates of maturity of debt on high yielding bonds have been delayed and the defaults have been surprisingly low. Therefore although there are signs that economies are recovering, however, most economists believe that the present recession will continue.

Insolvency and restructuring are key practice areas of Simranjeet Law Associates. Our lawyers in India provide expert legal advice on both domestic and multijurisdictional restructuring and insolvency transactions.

Lawyers in our law firm who handle business restructuring and insolvency transactions have a deep knowledge of legal, government and regulatory, commercial and corporate sector within which they handle diverse business issues. Moreover, lawyers who handle this complex area always have support from other lawyers who practice in other related practice areas like intellectual property, taxation, capital markets, litigation and arbitration, employment and service matters. In this way our law firm assists client by providing customized legal services. Our lawyers are reputed for our legal approach towards restructuring and insolvency transactions and our passionate advocacy and dedication to our clients.

Our lawyers advice clients who are involved in restructuring and insolvency issues. Our lawyers represent clients both in bankruptcy, insolvency, winding up and liquidation courts and restructurings which take place outside the court. Our law firm in India provides legal advice to domestic and international companies, creditors who may be secured or unsecured, governmental stakeholders, insolvency administrators, official liquidators, and winding up officials. Our experience in handling these complex legalities give us an edge to handle these issues.

Our law firm has a proven track record in handling these complex issues in a strong and recognized insolvency practice. We also assist financial institutions in restructuring and insolvency.

Our law firm handles complex bankruptcy issues effectively. We represent domestic and global clients in bankruptcy and insolvency issues. We have represented financial institutions including commercial banks and lenders, real estate investment trusts and others who have made secured and unsecured loans to businesses. We assist clients in negotiating out-of-court settlement before any bankruptcy litigation even initiates. We assist unsecured creditors when litigation to recover their debt starts. We create a strategy to ensure highest return to our clients. Our lawyers are skilled in negotiating with debtors in out of the court settlements and addressing legal issues across diverse legal areas thereby reducing costs incurred by the client.

We also provide professional advice before an acquisition is to take place in order to minimize the liabilities of the successor when acquiring a sick or troubled company. Our clients were involved in supply chain management take our assistance to prevent any future trouble in case the supplier is unable to supply the goods.