Civil Lawyers in Chandigarh High Court

Having successfully handled complex legal issues faced by clients in a professional, creative and dedicated approach lawyers achieve perfection. Our civil lawyers deal with court cases of civil nature and contest civil disputes in all levels of courts. We are passionate in advocating cause of client before the court and speak with authority while arguing before the judges. We have strong ties with expert witnesses like handwriting experts, computer forensics experts. This helps provide to clients a flawless and smooth legal service. We are devoted to litigation and have a reputation for trial proceedings in civil courts and perfection for civil court appeal proceedings. While specializing in providing  clients the best litigation advice, they also represent clients effectively in court. An effective legal strategy begins from day one, and includes in itself not only the relevant facts, legal issues, laws and relevant case arguments but also discovery, with the assistance of clients, of dispute resolution strategies.

With lawyers expert in multi-dimensional court cases, we are able to extract  collective knowledge to quickly, efficiently and effectively adapt a strategy for each client. They help  clients develop legal arguments, inform them about the legal issues well in advance, negotiate on behalf of the client, review all applicable rules and procedures of the Court, and then carefully examine all legal strategies considered at the initial stages, in order to provide clients all the benefits in their court case. Our lawyers have clarity in the legal issues, the long-term strategic thinking in order to avoid any untoward event, the commitment for legal matters and extensive experience and courtroom skills acquired as practicing lawyers. Whatever type of legal representation required by clients, our civil lawyers invest their time and personal attention that is needed to develop a winning strategy for the case with a focus on optimal outcomes and costs effective litigation.

This variety in Courts give lawyers knowledge on how different judges in different courts view cases and what they consider to be the best legal argument in a particular circumstance. Clients can further understand the type of litigation handled by our civil lawyers –

Civil Appeals – First and second appeals, appeals against decrees and orders. We appear in civil courts on a regular basis and have been at the forefront of precedent-setting judgments civil matters. Their range of services include acting for appellants and respondents in civil suits, civil appeals, civil revisions (CR), references and reviews, acting for applicant-interveners, legal representatives and for applicants and respondents in applications.

Arbitration and Conciliation: – When a corporate dispute of civil nature is amenable to resolution by an independent third arbitrator, or is subject to an arbitration clause, we are able to propose the services of expert and seasoned arbitrators. We have deep arbitration experience in conducting arbitration hearings, besides assisting parties to enforce arbitration clauses in contracts or other written instruments. Arbitration award is treated as a decree of the Court for the purpose of execution. Therefore engaging an arbitration lawyer often facilitates the rapid hearing and resolution of a commercial or corporate or such other dispute (like one time alimony to settle matrimonial dispute) by avoiding the delays associated with completion of a suit filed in court between the parties. Civil lawyers also mediate in divorce proceedings, family conflicts and matrimonial disputes. The mediation process consists of appearing before an appointed mediator with the purpose of resolving the “lis” between the parties through an assisted negotiation.

Class-action suits – A class action, class suit, or representative action is a type of court case where a group of persons file a case together. Persons with similar legal claims can file cases in courts by arraying themselves as petitioners or plaintiffs. An example would be trade union matters for pension, salary and overtime benefits or even a pro-bono or a land acquisition matter filed in court on behalf of a group of persons. We act both for the defense and plaintiffs (or petitioners) in class action law suits, including service matters, land disputes, land acquisition matters, commercial and regulatory disputes.

Commercial and Corporate Litigation – We are one of the few law firms composed of lawyers experienced in both Commercial and Corporate law and practicing in different levels of courts and before regulatory and administrative tribunals. As a result, top lawyers are uniquely positioned to win court cases handling all aspects of corporate and commercial issues, including contractual disputes, shareholders’ disputes, allegations of fraud and cheating, class actions, securities, banking issues like insolvency and bankruptcy issues and regulatory proceedings against the corporate houses.

Contract Law – We are skilled in dealing with contractual disputes. We frequently assist clients in interpretation and enforcement of contracts and also help them execute decrees for monetary damages. They also provide expert legal advice to clients about the available legal remedies like specific performance of contract, temporary and perpetual injunctions, Specific performance of part of contract, and preventive injunctions.

Intellectual property legalities relating to trademarks, copyright, patents and confidential information – We assist and guide clients with their intellectual property rights (“IPR”) issues, relating to copyrights, trademarks, patents, non-disclosure agreements (NDA) or confidential/ proprietary business information.

Negligence law suits – We contest court cases like suits, appeals and revisions in which damages for negligence of professionals like doctor/s, hospital staff, insurance, mutual fund managers and financial advisers and other professionals are claimed.

Real estate litigation,  rent matters, property disputes, land disputes, land acquisition matters – We handle all types of real estate court cases – residential, commercial or industrial in nature, including rent matters, property disputes, land disputes, landlord tenant dispute and land acquisition matters. The best civil lawyers legally represent a number of corporations to ensure that they can operate in a lawful manner and that the corporation’s interests are legally protected.

Expert civil advocates conduct following types of court cases on civil side like –

  • Accident Cases
  • Appeals
  • Appellate Tribunals
  • Banking and Finance Laws
  • Company Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Consumer Complaints
  • Contempt of Court
  • Child Custody Claims – both domestic and foreign jurisdictions
  • Customs and Excise
  • Debt Recovery
  • Disputes related to Contracts/ Agreements or their interpretation
  • Service Law or service matters
  • Suits filed in trial courts
  • Suits for Insurance Claims
  • Suits for Mortgage Claims
  • Suits for Personal Injury claims
  • Suits for eviction
  • Suits for injunctions
  • Suits for specific performance of contract
  • Suits relating to infringement of Intellectual Property
  • Suits under the Partnership Act
  • Summons
  • Transfer Petitions
  • Tribunals
  • Trusts
  • Wills and Probate
  • Writ Petitions