Class Actions

A class action is a type of court case where one of the parties is an association of litigants who have same interest in filing a court case and who file case either together (as separate parties) or through one of them who represents others. In class actions the allegations are generally tortuous in nature and cases involve a large number of affected persons who have been injured by the same party from whom compensation is claimed. An example can be a group of victims of a leather factory or victims of chemical discharge filing suit to stop dangerous discharges in drinking water.

Class action lawsuits require deep regulatory and industry knowledge of those industry sectors from which class actions frequently arise. Outcome of tort claims depends most on the liability of defendant and the amount of compensation rewarded. Such cases typically involve fake medicines and pharmaceuticals, large scale pollution etc. Litigants may require help of forensic and other expert witnesses. When required, litigants should have effective settlement agreements to resolve issues before, during or after litigation.