Climate Change

Climate change is a global challenge being faced by the world at the highest level. With increased levels of awareness and interest in the adverse impact of climate change on the world, the industries using environment-friendly technologies in their operations are being preferred over those that contribute towards dangerous global climate conditions. In order to fulfill international obligations towards reducing their carbon footprints, the countries, the world over, have passed several legislation that directly or indirectly affect various industries.

Simranjeet Law Associates works closely with the groups involved in the governmental machinery dealing with regulating the industries on the basis of their contribution towards improving the climate. You can even leverage these regulatory schemes and benefit from the largesse from your respective governments that are promoting and incentivizing the use of Eco-friendly technologies. You can also project your company as a socially-aware organization by developing environmentally friendly products and services.

Our climate change team can handle full spectrum of climate change matters and has already made big impact on many industries. With extensive knowledge about the climate change regulations, we are well placed to equip you with legal wherewithal to not just make your business compliant with these regulations, but also help you gain the lucrative benefits that are often associated with these regulations.

We serve clients across industries, including energy, automobile, aviation, shipping, food, chemical, retail, manufacturing, construction, insurance, and financial industries and assist them with their climate change related queries.

Among a slew of initiatives that we have taken in our law firm, our lawyers have started focusing on climate change advisory services, which includes counseling on all major climate change regulatory regimes, like voluntary programs and emerging proposals for state, regional, national, and international mandates.

The USP of our climate change advisory services is our tailored solutions for each industry, as we understand the peculiarities involved in making each industry compliant with the climate change regime.