Commercial and Business

Our dedicated team of top corporate lawyers in Chandigarh assists clients in their commercial deals like complex joint ventures, sales negotiations and distribution networks. Our expert lawyers solve commercial issues arising out of governmental rules and regulations keeping in view the risks involved and the potential revenue which might be generated.

We are always focused on business of our clients. We lead from the front and understand how business operates how clients do business and how relationships are maintained with customers, suppliers and partners.

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of all types of commercial agreements ranging from regular legalities to the most innovative unprecedented agreement types. We draft complex contracts like contracts relating to outsourcing, joint ventures and strategic alliances. We also create substantial one-time contracts like project development agreements and contracts relating to manufacturing supplying and distribution of materials. Our lawyers have experience in considering all the possibilities while drafting sales, advertising and promotional arrangements. While creating the right structures for our clients businesses, we also assist clients in negotiating the right deals.

Our clients are placed both in India and outside India. We understand that in a world where businesses operate in diverse multinational jurisdictions, one size does not fit all.

Our top lawyers in Chandigarh understand how government regulations including provisions in food adulteration act relating to food labeling, packaging, food quality and sale of food affect the business. We also guide clients who are engaged in the business of advertising and promotion and other consumer products like drugs, medical devices and health and safety products. Our top lawyers in Chandigarh also guide businesses on how to avoid privacy issues which might arise during the course of business. Our lawyers also provide assistance to clients in environmental and chemical laws including issues like pesticides and genetically modified seeds. Our lawyers have assistance of our government regulatory practice at all times when our corporate lawyers engage in complex regulatory issues. Through our advice we assist clients in pursuing their business objectives in the most efficient manner within the legal framework.

We serve clients in a range of manufacturing and service industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, education, food and beverages, leisure, life sciences, media and communications, retail, transport and logistics. Our lawyers provide legal assistance at the intersection of public and private sectors. We also handle complex merger and acquisition financing transactions.