Copyright is an exclusive legal right vested in the creator of an original work, which entitles such creator to use, distribute and commercially exploit their work. Commonly understood, copyright vests with, for instance, the author of the book, producer of a movie and composer of a song. Copyright can be considered as fecundity of the creativity of the artists and authors that the legislators seek to promote among their citizenry.

Over the years, copyright law has undergone drastic changes. The global awareness and interest in copyrights has been at an all-time high. This is the result of increasing realization about the financial benefits that can be derived by the authors of creative work through copyright licensing and assignment. As a corollary, it has also led to a spurt in copyright violation cases across the countries, especially with the advent of internet as a swifter mode of communication that has made the world a global village.

Simranjeet Law Associates’s copyright lawyers in Chandigarh have a proven success rate in prosecuting and defending significant copyright cases, protecting rights in works that range from software, and computer games, books, films, articles on Internet and academic journals. Our copyright lawyers in Chandigarh can also represent the clients in Supreme Court of India in case the copyright violation needs to be challenged in the highest court of the country.

Apart from copyright litigation, Simranjeet Law Associates also provides copyright advisory services, which comprehensively covers the copyright interests of the client, including Digital Rights Management; copyright levies, which can vary according to jurisdiction; carrying out successful enforcement campaigns to protect our clients’ copyright through civil actions, interim injunction applications, customs actions, administrative raids, or criminal actions. We can advise you on devising strategies to prevent the distribution of counterfeit products in online as well as offline marketplace.

Our copyright lawyers are fully equipped to meet the challenges thrown by the digital media in terms of its potential for copyright violations. Our copyrights lawyers in Chandigarh have extensive network in jurisdictions applying to the entire supply chain of counterfeit products, including source, transit, and destination countries.

Our experienced team of copyrights lawyers in Chandigarh ensures watertight protection to your intellectual product. Our range of copyright advisory and litigation services include registration of works where necessary, assistance in securing copyrights in works prepared by the employees and independent contractors, all types of copyright actions, including disputes over digital rights and internet infringements.