Corporate Governance

As business laws are becoming more and more complex, corporate accountability and governance risks which threaten the top executives have arisen steeply in the last decade. Governments everywhere seek more and more transparency to protect shareholders, investors and creditors and other stakeholders and to achieve that end corporate regulations are changing at a fast pace. The recent credit crisis in United States of America had repercussions in the global economy because of which governments throughout the world have started focusing on corporate governance issues.

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Our corporate and business lawyers in Chandigarh advise boards in Chandigarh, board committees, individual directors throughout Chandigarh, officers and domestic and out-stationed company managers on their duties, obligations, and liabilities under Chandigarh laws and regulatory requirements in relation to the legal formalities in corporate governance matters.

Our business lawyers represent all kinds of board committees. These committees include committees formed four audit oversights, committees to determine compensation amounts, nomination of directors in a company, corporate governance and committees which are formed to determine investment policies in pension funds.

Our top business lawyers in Chandigarh and link corporate governance matters also assist company boards and committees in complex corporate transnational issues like those of mergers and acquisitions, large-scale restructurings and creation of other business combinations. Our seasoned business lawyers are also retained as special or independent counsels in high stake sensitive corporate governance issues. Our law firm also deals with special and internal investigations including enforcement proceedings. We counsel clients on how to handle crisis.

Our business lawyers represent companies, directors and top-level managers vigorously and effectively because of experience in fight range of legal practice including corporate and taxation, government and regulatory, employees and executive compensation, service and employment matters, and white-collar crime and litigation.