• Corporate Law Firm in Chandigarh

Corporate Law Firm in Chandigarh

We provide legal solutions to the complex legal issues faced by businesses including public and private companies, private funds, investors and investment banks. Our corporate lawyers also provide services to financial institutions and state agencies in their complex and challenging transactions. Businesses in a broad spectrum of industries require and seek legal advice of experienced lawyers to represent them. Some of the industrial areas in which businesses operate are highly regulated. We offer them expertise in corporate legal affairs. A law firm with long experience in corporate matters can handle company matters and integrate their industry insights with deep legal understanding of business issues, regulatory issues and strategic needs of modern corporations. In this way, our legal experts ensure that domestic and international business units get efficient legal services and high quality of legal representation which changes according to their changing corporate needs. Our corporate and commercial lawyers are experts in assisting businesses to establish and expand in the newly found emerging middle markets. Businesses seek lawyers with strong technical expertise who are reputed in the practice in providing flexible and innovative legal solutions to a wide range of industry sectors. Corporations need legal advice on the most sophisticated corporate transactions and complex commercial issues.

Because business law is our area of influence, we are back-end team of your business to make your business successful. A good corporate lawyer cannot practice corporate law without having excellent relationship with the team. Keeping this in view a legal expert must invest time and effort to learn about the vision of such teams. In this way one gains an understanding of how business people operate their business. It also helps lawyers ascertain beforehand businesses’ legal needs and guide them where they need to go. In this way businesses get assistance in achieving their business objectives in a legally sound and secure way.

In last few years, we have observed how business is changing. Around the world business and business law is getting more and more complex and competitive. We give sound legal advice to leading corporate houses when they negotiate complex legal and financial transactions internationally. We assist clients navigate through the complex legal environment in which businesses operate today. Access to the up-to-date knowledge helps businesses and they profit by relying on years of expertise in corporate affairs, issues related to the company law and company matters like liquidation and winding up of the companies. Domestic and international companies also get expert legal help in corporate compliance issues from our lawyers, chartered accountants and tax experts.

Few law firms actually ensure that each legal issue for which they are retained is handled by a person who has appropriate level of legal expertise and years of experience. In this way our law firm specializing in corporate law avoids wasted effort and businesses do not have to bear excessive costs. Our corporate and commercial lawyers have helped clients in transformative acquisitions and joint ventures by comprehending and managing the legal issues that may have adverse affect on their businesses. We get their complex legal issues related to infrastructure projects, outsourcing contracts and private equity investment resolved by seeking expert legal help.

We are often called upon to resolve complex issues surrounding business entities all across the country as well as international corporations. We not only provide full spectrum corporate services, but also offer cross-country legal services that are availed by many and cherished by all, including large publicly traded corporations, emerging entrepreneurial businesses and growing middle-market companies.

Business is becoming increasingly complex and competitive. We provide legal advice to leading businesses throughout the world. Our corporate and commercial teams provide strategic legal advice, particularly in complex negotiated transactions internationally. To help corporations navigate complex legal environment, our corporate law firm can access and coordinate the up-to-date expertise and knowledge of other specialist groups. Whether it’s a large scale acquisition, an important joint venture, an infrastructure and construction project, an outsourcing contract, equity investment or the incorporation of a new company, our top corporate and commercial lawyers assist businesses in comprehending and managing the legal issues that affect every business.

Institutional and corporate clients seek the following qualities in a typical law firm:
A. Capacity of corporate lawyers in law firm : number of partners, lawyers, offices in diverse jurisdictions, and ability to handle large scale work.
B. Profile of law firm : market profile of corporate lawyers , including number of spontaneous mentions and recommendations corporate law firm received in independent client interviews.
C. Quality of client base : an analysis of corporate law firm’s client base and recent work.
D. Client satisfaction : average satisfaction score from firm’s own clients for key indicators in corporate law area of practice.

Clients seek our help for top notch legal services in M&A, banking, competition and foreign investment, corporate finance, corporate-commercial law, employment and business litigation, insolvency, real estate, structured finance, tax. We are retained by domestic and international corporate houses in a wide range of industries including energy, financial services, infrastructure , insurance, manufacturing, mining, retail, technology, telecommunication, transportation. On litigation side, our legal services include class actions suits, writs and corporate litigation has been ranked among the top business litigation practices. We are also well known for our extensive regulatory and government relations expertise; the latter anchored by our global presence.

Legal services provided by us include determining the appropriate business entity, jurisdiction and taxation status, structuring and formation of new entities, foreign investments, foreign collaborations, joint ventures, and technology absorption, setting up of branch offices, liaison offices or project offices, tax planning, developing and documenting shareholder agreements, creating executive employment agreements that attract and retain key leadership, identifying and securing intellectual property via trademarks, patents and copyright protection, creating business financing strategies, advising clients for ongoing business needs and transactions, distributorships, sales agreements, stockholders’ buy-sell agreements, franchise agreements, intellectual property and license agreements, outsourcing agreements, licensing agreements and technology transfers, including hardware, software and other services and products, trade practices, advertising and promotions. Businesses need corporate lawyers with prominent cross-border expertise.

Highlights of Corporate Legal Services

  • Practical solutions to complicated problems
  • Helping business clients achieve their goals
  • Deals with full range of financing, transactional and operational issues
  • Work in close collaboration with the in-house legal departments of large organisations
  • Work as outside general counsel for smaller and mid-size companies
  • Economical and efficient solutions irrespective of the size of the client
  • One of the few law firms in Chandigarh to have expert hands to deal with all kinds of business issues

Practice Areas

  • Accounting fraud
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Antitrust
  • Cyber and e-commerce crimes
  • Consumer crimes
  • Economic espionage (trade secret misappropriation, employee theft, and unfair competition)
  • Environmental violations and regulatory compliance
  • False Claims Act
  • Financial institution fraud
  • Forfeiture (civil and criminal)
  • Government procurement fraud
  • Health care fraud and abuse
  • Campaign finance offenses
  • Insurance fraud
  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Securities fraud, stock market manipulation and insider trading
  • Tax offenses
  • International dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation in multilateral forums
  • Acquisition and development of real estate in foreign countries

Major Corporate Areas

Commercial Finance

We are quick to grasp the issues and adept at evolving the most cost-effective solution to commercial finance problem. We work closely with the lenders, issuers, underwriters, credit enhancers and servicers to comprehend the diverse aspects of the financial transaction and deliver workable solutions. We routinely assist companies from wide range of industries to secure on and off-balance sheet loans, recapitalisations and various credit facilities. With experience in dealing with all kinds of big and small commercial financial issues, corporate lawyers have a clear understanding on how to ensure protection of lender’s interests as well as borrower’s comfort.

Business Combinations

We have an extensive experience with buyers and sellers of business transactions, like mergers and acquisitions and divestitures. We assist clients in structuring, negotiation, documentation and closing the deals, using their full resources to offer due diligence and creating tax-efficient deal structures. Multi-disciplinary advice in financing, antitrust approval, structuring employee benefits, and non-compete agreements in the acquired entity helps businesses in protecting their commercial interests. We do not differentiate between a multinational corporation, a private equity fund, a financial services investor, or a publicly or privately owned business entity, in offering the best and most efficient legal services for specific issues.

Securities Transactions

We represent small, medium and large public and private companies, banks, venture capitalists, and other investors in securities and venture capital matters. We focus on presenting practicable solutions, rather than just identify problems.

Commercial Contracts

We not only understand the technicalities and legalese involved in commercial contracts, but also offer drafting and reviewing services for such contracts, including buy-sell agreements, franchise and licensing agreements, partnership and limited liability company agreements, agency agreements, alliance and collaboration agreements, consulting arrangements, customer service agreements, manufacturing contracts, sales representation contracts, supply contracts, warranties, etc. We have expertise over the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and other contractual rules that apply to businesses. Their USP lies in anticipating and resolving the potential diligence issues during negotiation; fraud and misrepresentation in contracts; inaccurate disclosure of financial information; negotiation of terms in bad faith; infringement of intellectual property rights.

Start-ups and Emerging Companies

A focused team on start-ups and emerging companies ensure smooth transition to the cutthroat corporate culture for the start-ups. As corporate counsel to newly formed and high-growth companies, corporate lawyers handle all the organisational details, including finance, governance, business plans, finding qualified sources of investment banking services and advise on initial or secondary offerings.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Industry specialists are deployed to provide expertise and professionalism in legal services. Some of the prominent industry teams include building materials, entertainment, financial and investment services, motor vehicles, renewable energy, sports, property redevelopment.

Corporate Defence Group

Corporate defence groups have expert lawyers from diverse fields who are committed to minimizing the disruptive effects, anxiety and the intense public scrutiny that can arise from criminal and civil litigation. Some of the areas in which corporate defence groups excel include pre-indictment representation, internal investigations, compliance reviews (including policies/procedures and training), media crisis management, representation in criminal and civil trials, parallel proceedings, criminal appeals, monitorships, receiverships, etc.

Leasing and Lease Administration

We have extensive experience in representing landlords and tenants in commercial leasing transactions, including negotiating and preparing leases for office, industrial, shopping centre and retail, mixed use developments and other commercial establishments.

Portfolio Management

Businesses with large portfolios of commercial real estate – including funds, investors, lenders, and owners frequently need legal advice for portfolio management. Portfolio management services include negotiating and documenting a variety of agreements and licenses to facilitate effective and profitable portfolio management.

Entity Formation

We routinely help clients determine the entity structure that is best for their venture and work relentlessly to maximize tax advantages.