• Criminal Lawyers in Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh

Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab & Haryana High Court

A person involved in criminal law, as complainant (victim) or accused, requires sound advice of the top criminal defense lawyer – a seasoned criminal lawyer, recognized for par excellence client services and successful, dedicated and passionate advocacy who has won innumerable court cases due to consistency and persistent efforts. Practice areas of our criminal lawyers include white collar crime (financially motivated crimes of non violent nature – such crimes are committed by businesses and government professionals), criminal and quasi-criminal litigation. Long experience in the practice of criminal law is forte of our criminal lawyers. Our dedicated criminal lawyers have experience at all levels of courts including:-

  • Supreme Court of India
  • Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh
  • District courts in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula

Why hire us?

  1. Two of our senior partners (Simranjeet and Iqbal Singh) have been Former Additional Advocate General and know ins and outs of Chandigarh High Court
  2. Prior experience as Prosecutors in Chandigarh High Court
  3. We have resolved hundreds of cases with our knowledge and skill

We contest criminal cases relating to NRI’s and citizens of other countries in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. Our NRI clients and clients who are foreign citizens primarily belong to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Our clients also include domestic and international corporate houses which have legal issues relating to criminal law in India. We represent individuals, institutions and corporate houses and provide expert advice based on long experience in criminal practice matters including criminal appeals, CRA in High Court, criminal revisions, quashing of fir, anticipatory bails a regular bails. We conduct cases with personal attention, discretion, commitment and unshakeable dedication. They eliminate incertitude from court cases by deeply studying and minutely examining all the relevant facts and circumstances of the cases. Our top Criminal lawyers in Chandigarh distinguish themselves from the pack. We have conducted hundreds of trials in district courts in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula and appeals before all levels of court, including Punjab and Haryana High Court and Supreme Court of India. Our criminal lawyers – because of their experience in opposing Government Lawyers, Government Advocates, Government Pleaders, Deputy Advocate Generals, Additional Advocate Generals, lawyers on panels of several departments – know how they and courts think; many famous criminal lawyers represent even police officers in cases against them and know how the police think. Clients often complain that advocates do not keep channels of communication open with them. Many lawyers, especially criminal lawyers, do not have the time or the patience to communicate with their clients. However, we take pride on being available when you need them the most to answer your legal questions about your criminal court case and to advice you through one of the most stressful times in your life. Our criminal defense attorneys are passionate about their calling as criminal defense lawyers. Belief in what they do and their passion and dedication gives our criminal lawyers victory in court cases. Our criminal lawyers also deal with cases relating to Central bureau of investigation (CBI), Narcotics Control Bureau, Vigilance Department. They represent clients –

  1. who have not got Justice from the police authorities even though they have made numerous representations to the police;
  2. who feel that police are corrupt and are helping the accused because the accused have bribed the police.

And because of these reasons such complainants want that their cases should be transferred to the Central bureau of investigation (CBI) which is a Central government agency for investigating crimes and is beyond approach of corrupt local politicians and police. We also have clients who have criminal cases in which CBI is the prosecuting agency. Such criminal cases are highly complex matters that need attention to each and every detail. Apart from CBI, we also have considerable experience in handling cases relating to narcotics control bureau and state vigilance Department’s under Prevention of Corruption Act.

How are top criminal lawyers different from others?

We understand that the consequences of conviction in a criminal case are terrible. Not only that, they understand that a person comes under tremendous stress the moment he’s charged with a criminal offence either on the basis of First Information Report or criminal complaint. In such circumstances a person needs not only an expert and seasoned advice but also a criminal lawyer who can lend his years and here all aspects of the case before he actually starts preparing it. We believe that under these circumstances, choosing only the best criminal lawyers in Chandigarh to defend and represent you in a criminal case is the most important decision you will make life.

Can you let just one mistake in life change your entire life?

What matters the most to you? Clients are not bothered with the beauty and creativity in legal arguments and the perfect drafting of their criminal cases. The only thing which matters to them is winning. We are famous for winning cases, successfully defending the accused regardless of the seriousness of the charges, the arguments of the government pleader/ Deputy advocate general/ Additional Advocate General or the strength of the prosecution’s case. The belief in fearless defense against allegations of crime and criminal charges from the simplest to the most complex criminal court cases make them the best.

Criminal court cases in India are of many types. Some of these cases are mentioned below.

  • Anticipatory Bails and Regular Bails under sections 438 and 439 respectively – Anticipatory Bail is file before a person is arrested. It is bail “in anticipation of arrest.” Regular Bail is file when a person is already in jail and wants to come out of incarceration.
  • Trial and Evidence under provisions of CrPC – Once First Information Report is registered against the person or a criminal complaint is filed against a person, cases heard in original jurisdiction of a criminal court. This is called trial. Evidence is lead in trial.
  • Suspension of Sentence under section 389 – Once trial is over, a person may file a criminal appeal or criminal revision. If such a person is already in jail, he can file application for suspension of sentence under section 389 along with criminal appeal criminal revision come out of incarceration.
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Criminal Revisions
  • Quashing of FIR (First Information Report) and Quashing of Criminal Complaints under section 482 of criminal procedure code
  • Criminal Writs under Constitution of India – writ of habeas corpus can be filed if a person is in illegal confinement. A person who is illegally confined is therefore set free through this writ of habeas corpus.
  • Drafting and Filing Criminal complaints and FIRs – Advocates also help clients in drafting criminal complaints – we believe that when a client drafts their own complaints they miss out on important points which make the case of the complainant weak. Later, because of these mistakes, the accused person may get away scot free even after committing offenses.
  • Domestic Violence matters including cases under section 498A of IPC
  • Bank/ Financial Institutions Fraud and Forgery and cases under Prevention of Corruption Act under which courts act very strictly in India – see the video on the top of this page
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Embezzlement
  • Criminal proceedings initiated for violation of IPR/ Intellectual Property Rights/ Cyber Laws and Piracy
  • Dishonor of Cheques (s.138 of Negotiable Instruments Act)
  • Criminal Breach of Trust
  • Cheating
  • Juvenile Justice Act
  • Narcotics and Drugs violations under NDPS Act

In a criminal case, allegations are based on substantive provisions of Indian Penal Code. These provisions define the offences and provide punishment for such offences. Your case may be related to these or other penal provisions of Indian Penal Code or even other penal statutes in India. A sample of some penal provisions is given below.

Offenses affecting the human body

Our top-notch senior advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh High Court successfully contest cases where allegations have been made under these offenses.

  • Section 302 Murder – is considered to be one of the most serious offense.
  • Section 304 Culpable homicide not amounting to murder – first part deals with an act by which the death is caused but when that act is not done with intention of causing death. Example – sword attack without intention to cause death; second part deals with case when act is done with knowledge that the act is likely to cause death. Example – medical negligence
  • Section 304-A If death is result of a rash or negligent act like rash driving.
  • Section 304-B Dowry death
  • Section 306 Abetting a person to commit suicide.
  • Section 307 Attempt to murder.
  • Section 308 If there is an attempt to commit culpable homicide.
  • Section 309 If a person attempts to commit suicide.
  • Section 323 A person causes hurt voluntarily.
  • Section 324 A person causes hurt voluntarily by dangerous weapons or means.
  • Section 325 A person causes grievous hurt voluntarily.
  • Section 326 A person causes grievous hurt voluntarily by dangerous weapons or dangerous means.
  • Section 363 Kidnapping.
  • Section 376 Rape.
  • Section 376-A If a man has intercourse with his wife during separation, it is punishable.
  • Section 376-B If a public servant has intercourse Intercourse with a woman who is in his custody.
  • Section 376-C A circumstance where a superintendent of jail or a remand home etc. has intercourse
  • Section 376-D If a manager of a hospital has intercourse with any woman in the hospital of which he is manager.

Offenses against Property

The offenses mentioned below are called “offenses against property”. Where such offenses are alleged, getting relief in anticipatory bails, regular bails, criminal revisions, criminal appeals is easy compared to murder cases. Some of the offenses under which cases are regularly conducted by famous Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh High Court are –

  • Section 379 Theft.
  • Section 384 Extortion.
  • Section 392 Robbery.
  • Section 395 Dacoity
  • Section 403 When a person misappropriates movable property with dishonest intention or converting that movable property to his/ her own use.
  • Section 406 Criminal breach of trust.
  • Section 417 Cheating.
  • Section 420 When a person cheats and because of this act he/ she dishonestly induces another person to delivery some property, or alter that property or induces another person to destroy a valuable security.
  • Section 426 Mischief.
  • Section 447 Criminal trespass.
  • Section 465 Forgery

Offenses Relating To Marriage/ Offenses against women

Our Defence attorneys in Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh also represent clients in cases relating to criminal law but emerging out of matrimonial disputes. Several times, such police complaints are false and are registered just to take revenge. If these complaints are found to be false, they can be quashed by Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh. So much so that getting anticipatory bails, regular bails in such cases is becoming easier day by day. Since law practice of seasoned criminal lawyers is driven by results, they have reputation as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Chandigarh High Court with the passage of time.

  • Section 493 An offense in which a man makes a woman believe by deceit that she is lawfully married to him even though that is not true and makes her cohabit with him because of that belief.
  • Section 494 When a person marries again even when her husband or his wife is alive.
  • Section 495 The above mentioned offense is committed by concealing the fact of former marriage from the person with whom the offender marries again.
  • Section 496 When a person with performs the marriage ceremony with fraudulent intention, even when he or she knows that he/ she will not become lawfully married as a result of that ceremony.
  • Section 497 Adultery.
  • Section 498 Offense in which a married woman is enticed or taken away by a man.
  • Section 498-A When a married woman is subjected to cruelty by husband or his relatives.

Criminal lawyers also take handle cases relating to discrimination/ exploitation of women like –

  • Acid attacks
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Child marriage
  • Domestic violence
  • Equal employment opportunities for women and labour rights.
  • Honour based crimes against women/ ‘honour killings’
  • Matrimonial disputes, custody, divorce
  • Pre-birth sex-selection and elimination of female foetuses
  • Rape
  • Reproductive and sexual health rights of women/ adolescent girls
  • Rights of doubly marginalized sections of women like HIV+ women, dalit and tribal women, women prisoners, lesbians, bisexuals, disabled women.
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace and in educational institutions
  • Immoral Trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation and prostitution, domestic work, marriage, etc.
  • Witch hunting
  • Women’s property and inheritance rights
  • Any other gender based discrimination/exploitation