Simranjeet Law Associates has a long experience in giving clients legal advice related to transactions in derivatives and structured products. Our lawyers provide expert advice to clients on legal and tax implications of derivatives which are traded in exchanges and Over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives. This includes legal advice related to several forms of derivatives like interest-rate and currency. Our lawyers also give expert advice on other forms of derivatives like commodity, credit and equity of legal advice also includes factors like inflation and deflation. Clients also seek our assistance on issues relating to financial instruments and embedded derivatives. In that sector our lawyers advice clients on credit and index-linked bonds, certificates and warrants.

Our law firm assists professionals when they need our assistance in structuring and documenting modern forms of derivatives. Our law firm provides professional guidance in structured bank compliant products. Our lawyers also deal with derivatives in alternate risk transfer and insurance Finance. In rapidly changing economic environment, our advocates deal in energy trading and emissions markets.

Structured finance vehicles are going through the times of crisis. This is because of market dislocation. Our law firm assists clients resolve the issues of structured products vehicles in distress. This type of legal assistance is especially required in capital markets, restructuring arrangements regulatory mechanisms, taxation issues and the litigation and arbitration.

Throughout the world regulatory environment in which derivatives operate is changing rapidly. Professional legal advice for compliance counseling and disclosure issues if you must in all jurisdictions.