Domain Names

Your online presence is equally, if not more, important to the growth of your business. As a corollary, it is strongly recommended to nurture and protect your online assets just like your offline assets. Domain name represents your online brand identity that distinguishes your unique online presence from that of others. This is one of the primary reasons that attract cyber squatters, typo squatters, and domain name hijackers towards established and emerging brands .

Simranjeet Law Associates’s domain name lawyers possess a vast reservoir of legal knowledge to assist you in devising a comprehensive domain name policy for your business, which includes domain name registration, portfolio management and global enforcement. Our lawyers have a reputation to protect your domain name from poachers who register your brand (cyber squatters) or a variation (typo squatters) as a domain name with the objective of making a profit by either selling this domain name or using it to pass off as your official website or simply to cause harm to the goodwill associated with your brand.

Our IPR-Domain Names lawyers have strategic collaboration with senior lawyers in Chandigarh to offer an all-encompassing domain name advisory and litigation services, including regular internet monitoring services for strategic searches of key search engines for identifying trademark violations, spot cyber squatting activity, and highlight counterfeiting activities. Our Intellectual Property lawyers have extensive experience in Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and .IN Dispute Resolution Policy (INDRP) proceedings, court actions and executive processes to deal with domain name violations.

Our domain name lawyers have expertise over submitting take-down notices, register complaints over the improper use of search engine keywords, and apply for cease and desist orders against online infringement, cyber squatting, and typo squatting. In case of a requirement for litigation of domain name disputes, our successful senior domain name lawyers work round the clock to ensure your Intellectual Property rights in the domain name are protected.