Governments throughout the world are creating new employment policies which deal with diversity, issues related to equal employment and non-discriminatory standards in employment. Employment laws therefore are changing at a rapid pace. Our employment lawyers and service matters lawyers, as they’re called in India, are experts in Indian labor laws in a range of employment issues. Our lawyers have dealt with unlawful discrimination, overtime payments, compensation to be given to the objectives. Our employment law firm, or service matter law firm, has senior advocates who are among the most reputed in legal practice in Chandigarh to handle complex service matters issues in Supreme Court of India.

Employment lawyers in Simranjeet Law Associates have for decades of experience in advising employers, including institutions like colleges and schools, hospitals, and corporate houses like construction companies, on best legal ways to conduct litigation or arbitration. We have guided clients when they negotiate with trade unions. In complex business world a timely advice in employment matters can prevent future stress for the management. Our service matters senior advocates in Chandigarh High Court aim to ensure that the employment policies of any institution or a company are effective. Our lawyers in Chandigarh High Court have experience in handling multitude of complex employment issues in multiple jurisdictions for our multinational clients having multinational workforces.

We have advised our corporate clients in employee relations, employee consultation and workmen satisfaction issues. We have assisted companies in workforce restructurings, reduction in the number of employees and termination of the redundant employees. Our litigation and arbitration practice group has handled individual claims of employees, class actions like those of trade unions and have assisted creation of policies which relate to equal employment opportunities and diversity issues. We have assisted our clients in complying with statutory requirements under Indian employment laws and fair employment standards under rules and bylaws. We have also guided employers on complex and high stake trade secret issues and advise them on how to handle proprietary or confidential information. We have also assisted our corporate clients in handling employment side of corporate financial transactions like executive contracts, termination of employees and arrangements for proper remuneration. We have also assisted our clients in training the management on the best practices under existing and ever-changing employment laws.