Energy Regulatory

    Energy regulatory procedures are indeed very complicated and difficult to comprehend and implement. An increasingly complex regulatory landscape of the energy sector requires a professional approach and a dedicated team of experts to comply with all the mechanisms that have been put in place by the governmental regulators. For effective functioning of the energy sector, it is always desirable to have the professional people handle the procedural potholes along the path of energy regulatory mechanism.

    Simranjeet Law Associates is ideally placed to equip you with a team of hardcore energy regulatory lawyers who have years of hands-on experience in managing the affairs of the energy industries. Our energy regulatory lawyers draw on the rich experience of working at the highest levels of government, and representing both the entities as well as their customers. This gives them an insider perspective to the problem, which helps in devising unique solutions for even the unanticipated problems.

    Our energy lawyers help you free up your resources to focus on crucial business decisions and management affairs by developing creative and innovative energy regulatory strategies that achieve the industry objectives, and at the same time, minimizing the regulatory risk.

    Our firm deal with the global energy regulatory issues, including rate and tariff matters, administrative proceedings, appellate litigation, reliability standards, enforcement actions, compliance planning and training, certificates and authorizations, industry restructurings, and corporate and finance activities.

    We serve clients from all across the energy sector, including oil, gas LNG and power. Our expert energy regulatory services include:

    • advisory services to clients of all sizes
    • consultancy services to the new players in the market as well as established brands
    • compliance services for the energy sector to ensure freedom from interference of regulatory authorities in day-to-day functioning of the industries;
    • representative services to protect and uphold the rights and interests of our clients.