Energy sector is heavily regulated and it requires a battery of energy experts in each organisation to truly understand and implement these regulations. The governmental regulatory machinery is designed in a way that the energy sector must be extremely vigilant in managing its operations lest they run the risk of running up considerable penalty losses and even shutting down of their undertakings with Supreme Court taking a stringent view of violations of energy regulations.

For effective functioning of energy industries, you require expert energy lawyers who are not just well versed with the complex regulatory landscape governing the energy sector, but also assist in manoeuvring the operations in a way that minimises the effort and finances involved therein to make the industry energy-laws compliant. Simranjeet Law Associates is ideally placed to guide you through the treacherous rigmarole of energy regulations and help you achieve your long term goals without failing in the pitfalls of energy laws.

Our energy sector lawyers ensure that the regulatory processes do not drive your business decisions; rather, we assist in developing creative and innovative regulatory strategies that achieve client objectives by minimizing regulatory risk. We have in our ranks some senior energy lawyers who have worked at the highest levels of government; thus, enriching them with ample hands-on experience to effectively represent both regulated entities as well as their customers.

Our energy sector lawyers offer a unique perspective on the issues affecting the energy industries, which we use to anticipate and resolve them on behalf of our clients before they snowball into a major problem area.

Our full range energy regulatory services encompass multiple issues, including rate and tariff matters, administrative hearings, appellate litigation, reliability standards, enforcement actions, compliance planning and training, certificates and authorizations, industry restructurings, corporate and finance activities, and many more.