Global awareness on the impact of industrialization and development on environment has been on the upswing. There are several measures taken internationally that have impacted the environment laws around the world. Whether it’s India or any other developing or developed nation, the ever-evolving environment laws means that the industry has to adapt to the newer regulatory regimes. This requires not only the operational readiness, but also the administrative preparedness for smooth transition to latest environment guidelines.

Simranjeet Law Associates offers you a host of services pertaining to the environment regulatory regime. Our environment lawyers are equipped with latest updates and the knowledge about the global best practices that are compliant with environment laws of almost every nation. We have in our ranks some of the most talented environment lawyers in the country who can address all aspects of environmental law, including compliance counseling, regulatory and legislative advocacy, litigation, and commercial transactions advice worldwide.

Over the years, our environment lawyers have proved their mettle by negotiating some of the toughest challenges encountered by the industries related to environment regulatory compliance. We have earned accolades from Bar and Bench for our legal acumen, knowledge and argumentative skills that not just protect the client’s interests, but also ensure environmental health.

Our environment advocates offer comprehensive environment regulatory practice to clients ranging from manufacturing sector to energy, transportation, chemicals, agriculture, and governmental agencies as well. The primary focus of our environment lawyers is to provide pre-emptive, timely, informed and precise advice for our clients, which ultimately keep them in good stead as far as applicable environment regulatory mechanism is concerned.

Some of our specialized areas in environment matters include toxic tort claims, environmental audits, contaminated land liabilities, land use and natural resource management, water and air pollution, product safety controversies, waste management and disposal, hazardous waste management and remediation, hazardous materials transportation, regulation of hazardous substances, and habitats and biodiversity.