Executive Compensation, Employee Benefits and Share Schemes

Lawyers in Simranjeet Law Associates, a law firm in India, are reputed for providing innovative solutions to multinational companies relating to executive compensation, employee benefits and incentives like employee share schemes.

With the change in government policy and regulations employee pulsation schemes have started getting more public scrutiny and therefore such schemes have become more complex. Our law firm in Chandigarh assists clients in making compensation packages and help multinational and domestic companies design their overall employee compensation strategy. By doing this law firm in Chandigarh assists clients in reaching their business goals in a competitive but fair means. Our law firm assists clients in avoiding complex legalities relating to tax, legal or accounting issues. Our company matter law firm has assisted companies incorporated under the companies act in making small and long-term compensation programs, performance-based employee bonus plans, employee share and stock options schemes , and overall equity planning. We have assisted our clients in the award of options, bonus to employees, giving restricted stock units to employees and providing stock appreciation rights to the work force. We have also advised corporate clients on methods to give performance awards and deferred benefits.

In many countries one of the most significant feature of the overall compensation given to the employees is employee share incentives. Several countries gave tax incentives to both employees and employers (companies and corporate houses) to adopt employee share schemes. Our law firm advises clients on the beneficial aspects of such tax planning wherever it is available through the world.

Our law firm assists companies in assessing the liabilities related to employee compensation and employee benefits during mergers and acquisitions and corporate spin-offs. We help clients decide on complex issues like equity and deferred compensation. Our law firm in Chandigarh also works with other lawyers retained by global corporate houses in diverse practice areas like taxation, securities and employee benefits compensation and pensions. Our law firm also advises international clients on the application of Indian rules and regulations on their Indian employees.

Our law firm, Simranjeet Law Associates, provides legal guidance to boards and management of public and private limited companies. Our lawyers assist clients in creating and implementing executive compensation schemes and executive share schemes in domestic and international jurisdictions. We provide legal assistance on a range of employee stock options and executive compensation planning throughout the world. Our employee compensation group provides legal guidance to companies on adverse legal implications of taxation, government and regulatory and Indian employment law. We assist our clients on the structure, establishment and implementation of employee benefit plans.

The aim of our law firm is to give tailored legal services to domestic and international companies and provide pragmatic solutions to legal issues. Our seasoned senior advocates provide practical commercial and corporate advice based on present and ever-changing legal and regulatory environment in which businesses operate.