False Advertising and Unfair Competition

With cutthroat competition in the global market place, you need to devise a marketing policy for your product that is both aggressive as well as compliant with the strict advertising regulations that are applicable in your jurisdiction. While it is pertinent that you showcase the strengths of your product or service vis-à-vis that of your competitors, it is also equally important that you avoid spreading mendacity about your competitor’s products or services. At the same time, you may feel that your competitor i not adhering to the advertising standards and regulations by spreading disparaging content about your product or service.

Simranjeet Law Associates is equipped to deal with both the circumstances with ease and help you steer clear of any actual or likely pitfall in your advertising campaigns relating to false advertising and unfair competition. Whether it’s your competitor claiming unfounded qualities for their products or services or indulging in ambush marketing practicing, our false advertising lawyers collaborate with you and protect your marketing interests in a highly competitive market.

Our lawyers with expertise in unfair competition and false advertising contribute in your marketing campaigns by rendering solid advice on the legal aspects of applicable advertising code, regulations and guidelines. We will equip you with all the desired legal information to help you devise a lawful and effective campaign to market your products in an aggressive manner throughout the world.

Our false advertising and unfair competition lawyers identify and anticipate potential problems before they arise; thus, helping you to clear all comparative advertising or claims of product superiority before use. We assess the impact of regulatory and other restrictions that govern the advertising standards in your jurisdiction and help you to effectively challenge misleading or unfair competitor advertising before governmental bodies and agencies. We offers false advertising and unfair competition advisory and litigation services across the industries, including life sciences, media and entertainment, telecommunications, and the manufacture of luxury, sports, and other consumer goods.