Financial Institutions Practice

Global financial crisis has changed the financial environment in which financial institutions operate. Our law firm assists multinational and domestic companies handle this rapidly changing financial environment. Throughout the world governments and state regulators are creating financial strategies to work on oversight and regulatory issues. Regulatory focus on corporate governance, accountability issues and tax evasion has increased. Governments are more concerned about executive compensation and capital requirements.

However this changing financial scenario has also cropped up noble opportunities like acquisitions, restructurings and reorganizations. Businesses are more involved in outsourcing and offshore servicing contracts. These new types of global financial transactions undertaken by domestic and international financial institutions require focused legal advice.

Our law firm in Chandigarh provide a range of corporate – legal services to banks and insurance companies. Our lawyers assist brokers, asset managers and domestic and foreign investment funds in their day to day financial transactions. We assist regulators and capital and that market participants on a range of legal issues. Our clients take our assistance in corporate and company law, anti-trust competition issues, disputes arising out of employment law, financial transactions undertaken by companies, legal aspects of information technology and intellectual property rights issues, arbitration and litigation. We also provide assistance to our corporate clients in real estate and taxation matters.

Our law firm has one of the best practices related to financial institutions. Our lawyers deal with multi jurisdictional issues related to corporate finance, government and regulatory, business and commercial and product issues by combining our law firms industry expertise with detailed knowledge of the regulatory framework. Our clients bank on our fresh perspective on global financial services that only few competitors in Chandigarh can match.