Food Drug Medical Device and Agriculture

The food, drugs, medical device and agriculture industry is heavily regulated with government ensuring safety of consumers, environment and stakeholders’ interest by formulating certain complex safeguards that are not just hard to comprehend, but also difficult to implement. Where the industry needs to comply with highly technical regulations, the government must ensure that its officials are well-informed and properly understand the provisions of the applicable rules, regulations and legislation.

Our food, drug, medical device and agriculture advocates possess not just an in-depth knowledge of the nuances of this complex legal arena, but also enjoy strong relationships with relevant agencies and legislative committees to assist our clients through multiple processes of product review, approval, and regulatory compliance. Our expertise lies in niche areas of food and beverage, medical devices, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology, where our work is appreciated by the stakeholders.

Our wide range of services in this specialized field include compliant product development and approval; development, implementation, and compliance with government inspection; food safety, labeling, and advertising requirements; product recalls; and regulatory and criminal investigations; as well as compliance with laws and regulations affecting the marketing of food, drugs, and medical devices. Our agriculture wing deals with all legal formalities, compliance and other legalities, which impact the agriculture sector of the country – that forms the backbone of Indian economy.

We assist our clients to formalize and implement a road map that cuts through complex government regulations, state laws, and comparable regulations concerning food, drug, medical devices and agriculture. Over the years, we have served diverse clientele, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, research institutions, biotechnology firms, and trade associations, which require advice on cross-border regulations as well as routine business issues concerning rise of global consumer markets; supply chain complexity; retail consolidation; and health, safety, and environmental concerns.