Government Contracts

If you are engaged in a business that demands association with government, inevitably, you need to sign lengthy government contracts, which don’t make any sense to a layman. However, these contracts govern the crucial terms and conditions between you and the government regarding the business you propose to collaborate on. These provisions include payment terms, duration of agreement, termination clause, survival clause, and limitation of liability.

Admittedly, doing business with the government is not as easy as it may seem from the outside. Anyone, engaged with government dealings can vouch for the fact that complying with government contracts is extremely demanding. The situation gets worse when you are inexperienced in dealing and negotiating with the official machinery.

Simranjeet Law Associates’s lawyers have hands-on experience in handling and managing the governmental affairs when it comes to extracting contractual obligations from the government. Our government contract lawyers are well placed to offer sound legal advice, opinion and litigation services, as most of them enjoy excellent relations both with the industry as well as the government official machinery related with contract implementation and grant matters.

Our long list of government contract clients includes defense and aerospace contractors; information technology, telecommunication providers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and other suppliers of health-related goods and services; energy and environmental contractors; universities, medical centers, and other research organizations.

Our government contract lawyers take pride in their abilities to represent industry leaders as well as small and emerging companies and organizations. Our focus is to serve the clients with full zeal and professionalism irrespective of their size. We strive to remain within your budget and provide legal solutions concerning your government contractual concerns that are not just practicable, but also offer long term solutions to your business concerns, which may range from miniscule to large scale problems.