Government Regulatory

Every business requires compliance with multiple government regulatory bodies and their respective rules and regulations that can be very difficult to comprehend for a layman. You need to be quick on your heels to understand, anticipate, and respond to the complexities involved in these regulatory challenges. The non-compliance of government regulatory mechanism can lead to grave risk to the future of your business. Thus, it is important to ensure that you achieve a competitive advantage by minimizing regulatory risk.

Simranjeet Law Associates has extensive experience in working for clients that require a great deal of regulatory compliance. Right from advisory to litigation, our government regulatory lawyers work with you at every step to ensure that your business remains on the right side of law and even benefit from the various governmental provisions that reward the compliant businesses.

There is no dearth of experience in our ranks. Our lawyers have worked with heavily regulated public sectors and have also held important positions in public service. Members of our team have also worked as counsel for regulatory bodies, the experience of which has equipped our lawyers with the practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the government regulatory mechanisms.

Most businesses will require clearances from various governmental departments, like environment, energy, health, food and drugs, and many more. We have a vast network of professionals who regularly deal with the governmental departments and have the knowledge and experience to secure the requisite clearances with minimum fuss. Our government regulatory lawyers ensure that you are not hassled and inconvenienced while dealing with the government machinery. Our focus is to save your time and energies, which can be better utilized towards the growth of your organization. While you concentrate on your business, we will take care of your legal concerns related to the government regulatory bodies.

Simranjeet Law Associates is considered as an expert administrative law and regulation practice in India. Our law firm is experienced in shaping public policy through the long-standing relationships of their attorneys in both administrative and legislative processes. We assist our clients in all dimensions of administrative processes at Central and state levels. We increase client satisfaction by providing quick solutions to the clients legal issues thereby fulfilling client expectations.

Our law firm in India advises clients on compliance issues relating to domestic and international agencies, government regulations and policies. Our attorneys have represented clients in the rulemaking processes which include assisting clients in drafting the rules and bylaws and making guidelines and policy statements. Our lawyers have assisted clients in domestic and international arena in getting declaratory orders and advisory opinions in relation to Indian and foreign laws. We also review the rules and guidelines which are followed by agencies and tribunals and suggest clients about the possible outcomes in case they are challenged.

Our law firm has successfully handled litigation where policy guidelines and rules of the agencies, government departments et cetera have been challenged. We have also assisted clients in appearing before tribunals which are authorized to adjudicate upon the rights of our clients.

Our lawyers have successfully submitted applications on behalf of our clients were seeking permissions and licenses to operate in international and domestic subject matters. Our clients also take our assistance while developing mandatory and voluntary standards as required by industry rules and regulations in which they operate. We have also assisted clients during agency investigations and compulsory audits.

In litigation area, we provide expert guidance in negotiating consent decrees and settlement agreements which attained finality and are not subject to challenge once decree has been passed by the court of competent jurisdiction.