Infrastructure Energy Resources and Projects

Our law firm has one of the most reputed practice in infrastructure, energy, resources and projects. Simranjeet Law Associates is a team of experienced lawyers handling issues relating to infrastructure, energy, resources and projects in all important markets. Our law firm legally represents major financial institutions and infrastructure and construction project sponsors and investors. Our clients include contractors in different industry areas. Our lawyers handle complex legal issues relating to private equity funds and international financial institutions. We also represent governmental bodies and export credit agencies on their complex and sophisticated legal issues.

Our lawyers handling diverse issues related to infrastructure, energy, resources and projects have a global law practice in a true sense. Our law firm has more than four decades of highly focused industry experience. Our lawyers work at the forefront of ever-changing and unpredictable market trends. Our law firm has advised projects in a range of diverse industry sectors which include airports, defense, education, energy and power (including renewable energy), healthcare, light rail and urban transport, mining, oil and gas, petrochemicals, ports, prisons and secure accommodation, process plants, roads, sanitation, satellites, social infrastructure, technology, telecommunications, transportation (including air and surface transportation), waste and energy from waste, water and desalination.

Our law firm assists clients in developing domestic and international infrastructure projects as a part of our infrastructure, energy, resources and projects law practice. Clients who retain us have the support of a committed and loyal team of lawyers. Our lawyers also assist clients in legal issues which relate to capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, corporate taxation government and regulatory affairs and International trade.