Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) has, over the years, assumed a pivotal role in the strategic management affairs of business entities. In fact, IPRs are valued at a higher level than many other assets of a company. This is the reason that the managers, these days, devise a proper strategy to develop, nurture, promote and religiously protect the Intellectual Property Rights of the company.

Simranjeet Law Associates has an expertise over the finer aspects of Intellectual Property Rights that need to be safeguarded against potential and actual piracy. Our intellectual property lawyers in Chandigarh possess deep knowledge about copyrights, trademarks, patents, design rights, geographical indications, and other IPRs to help drive your business growth by protecting and leveraging your ideas, innovations, brand, designs, logos, artwork and other creative works that define your business offerings. Our IP lawyers have strategic collaborations with specialists and technically equipped agencies that combine local knowledge with the global understanding of various IP aspects concerning the industry.

We have, on our panel, several senior lawyers with Intellectual Property as their niche practice area, which helps them protect the creative works. We represent our clients in the District Courts, Punjab and Haryana High Court and Supreme Court of India, with our experienced Intellectual Property lawyers defining and redefining the realms of IP court practice.

We have, on our list of clients, some of the top brands, including corporations, infrastructure design companies, and education institutions that regularly seek our Intellectual Property advisory services for protecting their copyrights, patents and design rights.

We serve the clients of all sizes – from start-ups to SMEs and big corporate houses. Our 360-degrees Intellectual Property Rights consultancy services span across all the industries through the entire life cycle of IP assets – ideation, development, nurturing, promotion, exploitation, commercialization, licensing, assignment and sale.

Our Intellectual Property lawyers encompass a comprehensive knowledge about the IP and the related areas, including domain name disputes, data protection, privacy rights, media rights and the non-restrictive covenants of employment contracts.

We manage your IP portfolio as well as handle your IP litigation; thus, freeing-up your precious time that can be better utilized towards business growth. We also manage tricky IP and technology law aspects of corporate and commercial transactions through our talented team of lawyers equipped with scientific knowledge of products and processes.