International Arbitration

International arbitration involves complex, high-stakes business disputes through commercial arbitration between the parties. Understanding of diverse legal and commercial cultures to employ knowledge of arbitration law optimally. Expert legal advice in international arbitration is required by corporates, institutions and individuals in industry sectors like construction and engineering and construction, finance, infrastructure, international and domestic supply contracts, investment and joint venture, manufacturing and retail, oil and gas, service contracts, telecommunications, transportation.

Arbitration lawyers provide myriad services at international level:

  • Arbitration under different laws as per different local jurisdictions
  • International arbitration under UNCITRAL and ICC Rules
  • Mediation services to corporate, institutional and Individual clients
  • Application to enforce Arbitral Awards
  • Challenging enforcement of Arbitral Awards passed against clients
  • Legally Representing clients in arbitration petitions
  • Advising clients on the appropriate jurisdiction for arbitration and choice of procedural and substantive law
  • Appointment of lawyers as arbitrators
  • Legally representing clients before arbitral tribunals with regard to lis arising out of agreements which contain arbitration clauses
  • Applying for injunction orders (stay of proceedings) because of breach of arbitration clauses
  • Drafting arbitration agreements and clauses for our domestic and international clients
  • Providing legal advice to our clients on alternative dispute resolution laws including conciliation and mediation matters
  • Advising clients on corporate strategies, legal compliance and documentation, agreements, MOUs and negotiations

Businesses throughout the globe now require expert advice on a range of international arbitration issues. The areas where legal advice on arbitration is required includes matters relating to early case assessment, negotiations before a dispute arises, filing international arbitration proceedings and conducting them, defining various arbitration strategies available to businesses, representing clients in arbitration hearings, challenging and enforcing arbitral awards throughout the world, filing applications for interim relief including applications for temporary injunctions in arbitrary matters. Apart from alternate dispute resolution methods like mediation and conciliation, businesses which are looking for entering into emerging markets need expert legal advice relating to investment treaty planning. Apart from legal talent, businesses also require in-house accounts and tax consultants to provide financial and taxation advice in time. This way businesses may maximize the protections and guarantees which can be sought through the existing international treaties and multilateral trade agreements.