International Trade and Investment

In a fast-changing global economic landscape, government policies can make or break business success. Some of the governmental policies having far-reaching negative consequences relate to limiting market access, imposing country-specific or unreasonable regulatory measures, unfair treatment to certain investments, failure to protect industrial intellectual property, disturbing free market functioning by subsidising domestic competitors. Moreover, the companies having multinational business interests often face challenges involving compliance regulations under their domestic laws, including technology exports and economic sanctions.

Simranjeet Law Associates offers a unique package of experience, skills and craftsmanship to assist the businesses engaged in domestic and international trade regarding their regulatory compliance requirements. Our international trade and investment lawyers bring on the table sophisticated and informed advice on a host of trade matters, including trade policy, legislation, litigation, and administrative proceedings. On behalf of our clients, we handle diverse issues related to

  • export and import controls
  • economic sanctions
  • anti-corruption
  • foreign direct investment
  • trade agreement negotiations
  • anti-dumping
  • countervailing duty and safeguards investigations
  • subsidy

Simranjeet Law Associates is one of the few law firms in India that offers full range of practice concerning international trade and investment. Our international trade lawyers excel in complicated matters and deliver solutions to the most complex issues irrespective of the country the client resides in.

We have hands-on experience in advising the clients on protection of their foreign investment by analyzing and interpreting investment agreements, including bilateral and multilateral investment protection treaties. Our insightful knowledge on the most complicated aspects of World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements is much appreciated by the private businesses. Similarly, we have expertise over important aspects of preferential trading agreements between various countries, which can be utilized to assess the market access potential for the products and services your business offers.