Internet and E-Commerce

Online environment presents its own set of legal issues and problems. The complexities surrounding e-commerce transactions are hard to comprehend by a layman especially with a growing number of internet and e-commerce frauds. Right from the conceptualization stage through website development, operation and order fulfillment stages, you need to take care of multiple legalities in order to operate a legal and flourishing eCommerce business.

Simranjeet Law Associates, with its qualified internet and e-commerce lawyers, offer expert legal advisory and litigation services for eCommerce start-ups as well as established businesses. We represent clients for multiple eCommerce issues, including intellectual property, business development and communications, terms of use, website agreements, privacy matters, payment disputes, fulfillment aspects and any other issue that can legally impact your online business.

Our internet and e-commerce lawyers in Chandigarh are not restricted by geographical boundaries when it comes to representing their clients on all aspects of B2B and B2C services, including financing, site development, information management, regulatory, competition, tax matters, and commercial contracts. We develop effective solutions to challenges in the digital marketplace, including protecting your brands, reputation, content, proprietary technology, and technical infrastructure from threats ranging from cyber-squatting to infringement, counterfeiting, frauds, spam, and security breaches.

Our internet lawyers remain updated on the latest techno-legal trends and rules and regulations, which help them in offering expert legal advisory on diverse matters, including domain name registration, website design, content management, mergers and acquisition, mobile development contracts, website usage agreements, policies, disclaimers and notices. We have in depth knowledge about the legalities surrounding different electronic payment modes to assist you in deciding which mode to offer and how the logistics should work for each mode.

Simranjeet Law Associates’s internet and e-commerce lawyers ensure your online business stays protected from multiple threats including unfair competition strategies and other harms that can adversely impact your revenue stream.