Investigations, White Collar and Fraud

Today, multinational corporations (MNCs ) and their top executives are facing an swelling range of perils across the world to their businesses and reputations, both internally and externally. Businesses need experts with experience in dealing with all types of corporate investigations, whether initiated by the government because of a whistle-blower complaint or as a result of allegations of fraudulent corporate and commercial activities. Corporate world still has dearth of expert lawyers whose experience in dealing with Investigations, White Collar and Fraud cases is both deep and wide: businesses in almost all edges of the world need lawyers having in-depth local knowledge, while at the same time lawyers should be able to assemble and pull together legal resources seamlessly across borders.

Businesses want to manage the legal issues to restrict their impact on business. They need people who can solicit a large magnitude of legal experience to achieve this objective, while carrying out the case investigations in an profitable and cost-effective way. Lawyers expert in this practice area make every effort to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients. Ideally, lawyers aim to achieve a satisfactory settlement without any trial. When that is not possible, lawyers get an opportunity to showcase their courtroom skills. Corporate investigations usually involve allegations that an institution or a company and its executives did not observe complex corporate regulations under which many industries operate. A lawyer expert in Investigations, White Collar and Fraud operates at the cross roads of business and regulation. This combination assists businesses with the best possible mix of proactive and reactive legal service.

In circumstances where our a commercial enterprise has been defrauded, dedicated corporate and commercial advocates can move quickly to get temporary and permanent injunctions, wherever secured assets may be located. Lawyers also guide corporations in conducting investigations related to commercial fraud, public corruption and business related white collar crime, and provide proactive business legal compliance advice. Lawyers in this practice area have industry sector specific experience in industries in India where bribery and corruption issues exist.