Investment Funds

Over the last decade, the market of global investment funds has undergone a drastic change. Because of global economic crisis the activities undertaken by investment funds have come under government scanners and state regulatory authorities throughout the world are making stringent laws to introduce strict regulation.

In this scenario, clients throughout the world take assistance of Simranjeet Law Associates to get financial success by finding a way to the maze of innumerable financial regulations in multiple jurisdictions. Our law firm has in-depth knowledge on how the investment fund management industry operates and clients dealing with us get a global perspective and a detailed market knowledge.

Our law firm comprises of seasoned senior advocates and expert lawyers were considered one of the top ten in India. We are supported by taxation experts, chartered accountants and lawyers with expert eyes in taxation matters, real estate and property disputes, structured and equity finance legality. Our law firm has for decades of experience and we have dealt with equity and debt capital markets, major infrastructure projects and private equity issues.

Our domestic and international clients in investment management sector include investors and banks and professional service providers throughout the world – our clientele is not limited to only investment fund managers. Because of our diverse clientele we have gathered diverse experience in several types of fund structuring is. This experience is an action while creating tailored structures to achieve client goals.

Our law firm in Chandigarh provides expert legal advice to investment funds. We have advised clients in both developed and developing economies who handle investment funds and invest in equities, debt and bonds. Our investment fund clients also deal in derivatives, private equity and commodities. We have handled complex investment related legal issues in real estate and infrastructure projects including PPP. We also assist clients who handle estate and private equity funds. Our law firm in Chandigarh also assists clients in dealing with complexity is related to hedge funds, infrastructure and debt funds.