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Legislation and Political Law Compliance

With numerous legislations governing the businesses the world over, it is becoming a humungous task for the industry to keep track of each and every legal provision that applies to them. So much so that the industry leaders are often left wondering whether they should be running from pillar to post making their business compliant or spend time on devising a long term profitable strategy.

With SimranLaw at the helm of your business affairs, you can be rest assured that the legislative compliance of your business remains updated. We assist you at every level of your interaction with the government on a range of issues related to politics, legislative provisions and government policy making. We can even represent you and put forth your business interests and convince the government on a range of issues affecting your business.

The governments often seek views of the industry before finalizing the legislation. It is crucial to compose a comprehensive report on the issues affecting your industry by the proposed legislation. A professional looking Suggestions Report supported with hardcore facts and data will drive home the point more efficaciously than a loosely drafted opinionated letter. We strive to ensure that your voice is not just heard in the corridors of power, but also acted upon.

We offer comprehensive legislation and political law services not just to the businesses, but also to the governments that require expert analysis and formulation of legislation requiring sound technical, analytical and incisive inputs on the working conditions of the industries. We understand how the government as well as the industries operate, which helps our experienced lawyers to serve clients’ government affairs needs. Before formulating a strategy for your business, we make ourselves informed about the nuances of your industry in general, and your business in particular.