Licensing and Technology Transfer

The value of Intellectual Property is realized only when it is exploited properly. Any imperfect IP exploitation policy within an organization can actually lead to poor return on investment and worse, it could even lead to invalidation of intellectual property itself.

Our Law Firm’s licensing and technology transfer lawyers help you analyze the true value of your organization’s Intellectual Property, and advice on a range of issues, including drafting and negotiating IP licensing agreements, IP assignment agreements, and technology transfer agreements, which optimally exploits your IP rights in monetary terms. Our IP licensing and technology transfer lawyers are not bound by jurisdictional limitations. Although we are located in Chandigarh, yet we have ample expertise and skills to offer our IP related legal services to the client worldwide.

The technical aspects that need to be looked into in any IP licensing agreement include anti-trust issues, clearance of background rights, including rights arising from EU framework programs. These highly technical aspects need the eyes of an expert IP lawyer to delve deep and come up with a solution that is not only acceptable to both the parties, but also keeps client’s interest paramount.

Our vastly experienced IP lawyers have cross-industry and cross-technology experience to structure, draft, and negotiate domestic and cross-border agreements for the acquisition and commercialization of intellectual property and technology. Our lawyers are technically equipped and scientifically qualified for in depth knowledge and expertise over the advanced IP terminologies and provide maximum value to the clients’ intellectual property and technology assets. If required, we can also carry out due diligence for the purpose of verifying rights in the intellectual property so that precise information exists in order to properly frame and negotiate IP licensing and technology transfer agreements.

When you hire our Law Firm, you are entrusting your IP related legal work to a team of legal professionals with high degree of quality and ethics in their work culture.