Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation and Arbitration matters are complex and usually involve high stakes. Litigants require experienced legal experts dealing with court cases to resolve these complexities. Our lawyers bring unique knowledge of industry and provide legal advice to clients according to the latest legal position. Since our lawyers are leaders in their local jurisdictions and function across offices as one team, they are well situated to deliver local insights and international perspective to meet legal ends of clients having court cases in multi-jurisdictional matters. Expertise and passion to court cases is reflected in reputation that litigation and arbitration experts have made and maintained in legal sphere.

We combine industry knowledge with their legal abilities which helps clients in getting clear guidance through courts, tribunals, and governmental bodies. This also assists clients at the intersection of business and government regulation. Seasoned trial and appellate lawyers successfully contest court cases of individuals, institutional and corporate houses across all industries and geographies. Our arbitration lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the Arbitration and Conciliation laws because of their geographical location. They assist clients with corporate investigations, white collar offenses and fraud bring legal experience with them to legally assist our clients while representing both petitioners and respondents.

Only a few litigation and arbitration experts provide expert litigation advisory and services to international law firms, non-governmental organizations, consultancy houses and litigation support companies. Clients look for a legal brand which is known for providing exceptional legal services and prefer lawyers who have assisted clients in handling their legal issues relating to banking claims, collaboration disputes, commercial contracts, commercial disputes, constitutional matters, construction agreements, contractual disputes, criminal matters, custody claims, infringement of intellectual property rights, insolvency, matrimonial disputes, operation and maintenance dispute, product liability, property disputes, recovery suits, service agreements, service matters.

We also provide advice on how to enhance profits through non-litigation methods like arbitration, mediation and conciliation. In case legal services are required only for drafting purposes, lawyers assist clients in drafting the grounds of appeals, writs, and other legal drafts or in complying with legal requirements and procedures. Clients who are already in litigation also seek second opinion of litigation and arbitration experts to satisfy themselves that they are on right track. In this way litigation and arbitration experts also review the pending litigation and other uncertain legalities to enhance profits and minimize costs and losses.